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The best cases for AirPods Pro 2

Best AirPods Pro cases

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Choosing a suitable AirPods Pro 2 case can elevate the experience of using them by protecting against dings and scratches and increasing longevity. Here are the best cases for the second generation of AirPods Pro.

When Apple launched the AirPods 2, it delivered an improved audio experience and set the stage for a burgeoning market of accessories designed to protect, personalize, and enhance these popular earbuds. From sleek leather pouches to rugged silicone covers, the variety of AirPods Pro 2 cases available today is as diverse as the people who use them.

Whether you're a fitness enthusiast looking for a water-resistant option or a fashion-forward individual seeking a case that complements their style, there's likely a perfect match. However, the sheer volume of choices can be overwhelming, making it challenging to sift through the noise and find a case that genuinely meets user needs.

Factors such as material quality, design, and additional features like carabiner clips or built-in stands come into play when selecting a case.

It's worth mentioning that cases created for the original AirPods Pro will fit the AirPods Pro 2 without issue. However, cases tailored explicitly for the AirPods Pro 2 will include openings for the speaker port and lanyard loop.

Casetify spring botanicals

The Spring Botanicals AirPods Case by Iisa Monttinen is a marriage of art and functionality, designed to offer robust protection without compromising aesthetic appeal. Its case features a vibrant botanical print that brings a touch of spring to your AirPods.

Casetify AirPods Pro case

It serves as a visual delight and comes equipped with a Casetify bumper ring and carabiner, ensuring your AirPods 2 are safeguarded against bumps with protection of up to 6.6 feet of drop length.

It's available for $48.

Pela case

Like Pela's iPhone cases, its AirPods Pro 2 case is made of flax shive and a plant based biopolymer that is entirely compostable when you finish using the case years in the future.

Pela case for AirPods Pro 2

Ours, shown in lavender, is for the original AirPods which includes the metal ring but the updated ones for AirPods Pro 2 opt for a side opening to access the built-in lanyard anchor.

They have a soft, grippy feel to them and small pieces of adhesive are included to help them stay on attached in the event of a drop.

You can pick one up from Pela for $29.95.

Elago clear case

The Clear Case for AirPods Pro 2 by Elago offers a blend of simplicity and sophistication, staying true to the company's design philosophy. The transparent case allows the original design of AirPods Pro 2 to shine through while providing the protection users need.

Many often criticize clear cases for discoloration or developing a yellow tint over time. However, Elago's cases maintain their color and clarity and are more resistant to yellowing.

Elago clear case

It's available to purchase from Elago for $14.99 or through Amazon for $12.99.

Spigen rugged armor

The Rugged Armor Case for AirPods Pro 2 by Spigen is a top-tier choice for those seeking robust protection for their earbuds. Crafted to provide comprehensive protection for AirPods, the case has garnered acclaim for its durability and functionality.

Spigen Rugged Armor AirPods Pro case

The case offers a comfortable grip for daily use thanks to its TPU material. It's both slim and light, making it easy to carry in a pocket. Designed to absorb shocks and resist scuffs, the case also features a slot for a key ring to enhance its portability.

Spigen's case is available to purchase for $24.99 at Spigen or for $19.99 through Amazon.

Spigen Lock Fit module

Unlike the Spigen case above, this isn't actually a case, but rather a handy latch that will help secure your AirPods Pro case.

Spigen Lock Fit Module for Apple AirPods

Designed for the AirPods Pro 2, the Spigen Lock Fit module includes an alignment tray where you place in your earbuds. You then pull the two tabs and it will perfectly align the lock on the front of your AirPods Pro 2 charging case.

It also includes a lanyard to connect to the anchor on the side of the case. This gives you the best of both worlds by keeping a minimalist aesthetic but also ensures your earbuds won't come tumbling out if you drop your case.

Selling for $14.99 on Amazon, the Spigen Lock Fit Module is available in five colors.

Mous leather case

Equipped with AiroShock protective features, the case has a sturdy poly-carbonate exterior. It comes in various premium materials, including genuine leather in black and brown, an Aramid Fibre shell, or a fabric coated with PU featuring a speckle pattern.

Additionally, the lid contains PU Gel pads to ensure it stays securely in place. The carabiner keychain is made of black anodized zinc alloy and features a woven black nylon thread braid.

Mous Leather AirPods Pro 2 case

The case from Mous is available from Mous or through Amazon for $39.99 and may occasionally be found on sale.

Nomad modern leather case

The Nomad Modern Leather Case for AirPods Pro 2nd-generation is once more designed to compliment the brand's iPhone cases. They're available in traditional leather or USA-based Horween leather.

Nomad AirPods Pro case

These cases feel the most minimally finished of the lot which allows them to develop more of a patina over time. We love this as each case will color based on your individual use.

It's available in Rustic Brown, natural tan, and black and they all have a TPU core that shows through the center but color-matched to not stand out.

Nomad's Modern Leather Case can be picked up from $25 at

Catalyst essential case

Resistant to drops according to MIL-STD-810G standards, with a height limit of 1.2 meters or 4 feet, the case features a secure lid design that ensures the AirPods Pro (Gen 2 and 1) stays in place. It guards the device against scuffs and effectively blocks dust and dirt.

All functionalities remain easily accessible, and the case comes with an anti-drop lanyard that has been pull-tested up to 10 kilograms.

Catalyst Essential Case

The design also allows for convenient access to the Lightning port and is compatible with wireless, QI, and USB-C charging. It's available from Catalyst or through Amazon for $29.99.

Alto Italian leather case

Using the same Italian aniline dyed leather that's found on its iPhone cases, these premium cases are both visually stunning and protective. Arlo is known for its great leather that also comes in vibrant colors.

Alto Italian leather AirPod case

Each case comes with its own custom carabiner that connects to the side of the case, allowing you to connect it to your bag.

The Alto Italian Leather Case sells for $49 on Amazon, with on-page coupons periodically available to drive the price down further.

ESR rugged case

Out of all the cases on our list, ESR's HaloLock case is the only one that also supports MagSafe. You can charge your AirPods with a cable, an Apple Watch charger, a Qi charger, or a MagSafe charger.

ESR MagSafe AirPods case

The magnets embedded on the back of the case allow it to charge vertically, hanging on to any MagSafe stand you happen to own. We've found this particularly useful in the car where we only have mounted MagSafe chargers.

Otherwise, this is a very rugged case that also includes its own carabiner to connect to the side.

ESR back magnets

You can pick up the ESR AirPods Pro 2 case on Amazon, with sales and on-page coupons often bringing it down to under $15.

Moment leather case

Moment's AirPods cases have a striking leather appearance, designated to mimic its TPU iPhone cases. The top of the case is smooth while the bottom has angled grooves.

Moment leather AirPod case

It has a cutout on the side, providing access to the new lanyard anchor, and a black line around the center that is sandwiched by the leather on the front and back.

The Moment Leather Case for AirPods Pro 2 retails for $29.99, but can be picked up on sale at Moment directly.

Native Union re-classic case

Crafted in partnership with Coronet, the case is made from Yatay, a premium plant-based compound handcrafted in Italy. The material has a lower environmental impact and is five times more durable than PU leather alternatives.

Native Union's case features a textured design with a smooth, cross-grained blend, offering aesthetic appeal and reliable protection. It provides hassle-free access to the charging port, controls, and speakers and includes a built-in hole for a lanyard loop.

Native Union cover

It's available to purchase from Native Union or through Amazon for $39.99.