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How to watch 'A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving' for free on Apple TV+

Image Credit: Apple

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It's the 50th anniversary of the "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" holiday special. Here's how and when you can watch it for free on Apple TV+.

For decades, "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" has been a seasonal tradition. However, this year, it won't be available on ABC or PBS due to Apple TV+ acquiring the rights to all Charlie Brown content. Nonetheless, you can still watch it for free.

Apple is making the special free to watch on Apple TV+ for a limited period.

When to watch on Apple TV+

"A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" is available now for Apple TV+ subscribers. It will be made free for anybody watch between November 18 and November 19.

How to watch "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" on Apple TV+

You can watch this special and other Apple TV+ content through various methods, including the official Apple apps on iPhone. However, there is there is also the Apple TV set-top box, and then there are selected smart TVs.

Almost any user with a modern browser can watch online, making browser streaming the most convenient option for those without an Apple device.

How to watch "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" on Apple TV+ without a subscription

  1. In any modern web browser, on November 18 and November 19 on any platform, go to
  2. Find the show and press Play
  3. Watch it on your computer, or, alternatively, stream it to a television of your choice

You can also stream from the iPhone or iPad version of the Apple TV app. Plus, you can watch on those apps on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV.