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Topic: A4

ARM to A4: How Apple changed the climate in mobile silicon

11/06/2019, 11:11 am

The history of the first four decades of PCs has largely been defined in terms of OS: Apple's early lead with the Mac was taken over by Microsoft's Windows, which then lost ground to Google's Android. But this narrative fails to account for an even more powerful force than the middleware software platform: low-level hardware, and specifically the largest historical driver of technical progress in the industry: the silicon microprocessor.


Up to three Macs coming with T-series security chips, shift to Apple CPU inevitable

01/29/2018, 08:01 am

Over the years, Apple has amassed personnel and materials to become a chip design juggernaut, with a new report claiming that Apple is including the T-series chip in forthcoming Mac models including a laptop refresh and a new desktop model, and has its eyes on replacing Intel as the supplier of the Mac CPU.


Apple CPU architect for iPhone, iPad departs for AMD

08/01/2012, 08:08 am

AMD announced on Wednesday that it has hired Jim Keller, who was previously a director in Apple's mobile platform architecture group where he worked on Apple's custom chips for devices like the iPhone and iPad.


Apple trademarks its patented "macroscalar" code optimization technology

02/06/2012, 04:02 pm

Apple has recently filed for international trademark protections of "macroscalar," its name for various patented optimizations for efficiently executing code on a processor, suggesting it plans to begin commercially promoting its differentiating technology.


Samsung seeks $1B bond to expand Texas processor plant

01/16/2012, 06:01 pm

Samsung is in talks with banks to acquire $1 billion to fund an expansion at its facility in Austin, Texas that is said to be the source of A5 processors powering the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S, and could possibly be the factory responsible for Apple's next generation A6 chip bound for the rumored iPad 3.


Apple television said to run on custom-built chips like iPhone, iPad

12/28/2011, 08:12 am

Rather than utilize off-the-shelf chips from a company such as Intel, Apple is expected to use its own custom-built chips like in the iPhone and iPad for its anticipated television set.


Video claims to show graphics switching on a prototype iPhone [u]

09/28/2011, 08:09 am

A new, unconfirmed video claims to show a prototype iPhone with a software-based developer setting that allows switching between graphics processing units.


ARM expects to control 50% of mobile chip market by 2015

05/30/2011, 10:05 am

Led by devices like the iPhone and iPad, ARM Holdings expects its reference chip designs to be found in 50 percent of mobile devices sold by the year 2015.


Intel would consider making custom chips for major customers like Apple

05/26/2011, 04:05 pm

An executive with chipmaker Intel said on Thursday that his company "wouldn't blink" if given the opportunity to build a custom chip based on the Intel architecture for a major client like Apple.


Inside Apple's iPad 2 A5: fast LPDDR2 RAM, costs 66% more than Tegra 2

03/13/2011, 03:03 pm

The new A5 processor used by iPad 2 incorporates Samsung's new 46nm Low Power DDR2 memory, uses a variable clock speed and costs about $25, a significant premium over NVIDIA's competing Tegra 2.


Apple's A5 CPU in iPad 2 has 512MB of RAM, same as iPhone 4 - report

03/03/2011, 08:03 am

Though Apple has not officially disclosed how much RAM is found in the iPad 2, a Korean semiconductor analyst has claimed to know that the new A5 processor has 512MB of memory.


Apple's next iPhone could have 4-inch screen with next-gen A5 processor

02/14/2011, 11:02 pm

A pair of reports coming out of the Far East on Tuesday claim that Apple is looking to expand the screen on at least one version of the next-generation iPhone to 4 inches, while also adding an upgraded A5 chip processor to its smartphone offerings and an enhanced version of the A4 to the second-generation iPad.


Samsung to quadruple mobile chip production for Apple in 2011

01/28/2011, 07:01 pm

Sources in South Korea are reporting that electronics giant Samsung will boost its mobile Application Processor fabrication for Apple by a factor of four, producing more chips for the iPhone maker than it uses itself.


Qualcomm rises on prospects of Verizon iPhone, iPhone 5, iPad 2

01/26/2011, 07:01 pm

Qualcomm shares were up more than 6 percent after it said it would post new revenue and earnings growth as demand for its chips accelerate. Apple's iPhone 4 on Verizon, as well as the next generation of iPhone and iPad, are all expected to use Qualcomm's baseband chips.


Rumor: Apple's iPhone 5 to sport new A8 processor, Qualcomm baseband

01/14/2011, 02:01 pm

Apple's forthcoming fifth-generation iPhone will sport a new, faster custom processor dubbed the A8, as well as a baseband processor from Qualcomm, according to a new report.


Apple to expand CPU design group beyond iPad A4

12/31/2010, 01:12 pm

Apple is seeking to hire engineers to design a new CPU micro-architecture, expanding upon its acquisitions of two fabless chip design companies and the release of its new A4 application processor used in the iPad and iPhone 4.


Apple partner Imagination acquires 'cinema quality' graphics chipmaker

12/14/2010, 11:12 am

Imagination, the maker of the PowerVR SGX graphics processor found in Apple's iOS devices, has acquired the developer of real-time ray tracing graphics technology, which could end up in future Apple hardware.


Steve Jobs: iTunes LP, Extra coming to iOS Apple TV

11/02/2010, 05:11 pm

After its transition into an iOS device, Apple TV lost the ability to display iTunes LP and Extras, but support is on the way according to an email attributed to Apple's chief executive.


New Apple TV runs same custom A4 processor as iPhone 4, iPad

09/01/2010, 05:09 pm

The new, smaller Apple TV announced Wednesday will stream 720p HD video thanks to the same custom-built ARM A4 processor found inside the iPhone 4, iPad and the new iPod touch.


iFixit completes early teardown of iPhone 4

06/23/2010, 02:06 am

To obtain one of the first iPhone 4 smartphones for teardown, Kyle of the iFixit team flew to Japan with a tent, planning to camp out in front of the Ginza Apple Store. FedEx ended up delivering early shipments to some users two days in advance, making the trip unnecessary.