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Topic: Dell

Apple fires its return salvo as Microsoft issues misleading 5th ad

05/15/2009, 09:05 pm

After appearing to remain aloof to Microsoft's jabs that Macs don't give enough choice, Apple has responded with ads which insist that poor Windows PC choices are no choices at all.


MacBooks sweep latest Consumer Reports scores

05/04/2009, 09:05 pm

Snow Leopard Server to offer low cost, secure mobile access to iPhone

04/24/2009, 08:04 am

Apple will leverage the popularity of the iPhone to deliver business users new Mobile Access services in Snow Leopard Server to securely deliver corporate email, contact, calendar, and intranet web services to iPhone and iPod touch users far more cost effectively than Microsoft Windows Server.


Apple trumps Windows PC makers in customer experience study

04/17/2009, 06:04 pm

Apple's reputation has been polished with a new customer experience study from Forrester Research that shows happiness and overall satisfaction with Macs being much higher than for several major Windows PC builders.


Jobs active at Apple, still working on tablet-sized device

04/11/2009, 10:04 am

Apple's co-founder Steve Jobs is still very much involved in his company's direction even as he recuperates at home -- and is said to be on track with a new portable device larger than the company's handhelds.


Microsoft pays for inaccurate "Apple Tax" study, issues 3rd TV ad

04/09/2009, 08:04 pm

Hoping to persuade possible Mac buyers that Apple charges an arbitrary "tax" for its computers, Microsoft has paid one analyst to create a report that portrays Windows PCs as less expensive -- even if it has to artificially pad the Mac's price and hide Windows' costs to get there.


Dell unveils heavier, more expensive MacBook Air rival

03/17/2009, 12:03 pm

Dell on Tuesday took aim at Apple's high-end portable computing dominance with a new design-focused Adamo notebook, but the PC maker is already facing questions about the machine's viability in a slumping economy.


Dell may enter smartphone arena as early as next month

01/30/2009, 10:01 am

The Wall Street Journal is weighing in on Dell's rumored smartphone offering, adding further weight to rumors predicting the PC maker will enter the arena to take on Apple's iPhone.


An evolving Dell rumored to enter smartphone market

01/13/2009, 04:01 pm

An equity research note discussing a possible Dell bid for cell phone market share is the latest sign of a company shifting its strategy to better compete against Apple and others.


Dell kind of, sort of unveils the Adamo ultra-thin notebook

01/09/2009, 03:01 pm

After weeks of speculation surrounding Dell's rumored MacBook Air competitor, the PC maker finally gave a sneak peek to journalists of its new Adamo portable at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.


Dell rumored to give MacBook Air a run for its money

12/19/2008, 06:12 pm

Roughly a year after Apple's MacBook Air made its first appearance, Dell is purportedly on the verge of claiming the thinnest-ever notebook crown for itself.


Apple snags nearly 10% of US PC market in third quarter

10/14/2008, 05:10 pm

With just days to go before Apple announces the results of its fourth fiscal quarter, new data from market research firm Gartner has the Mac maker snagging a near 10 percent share of the US PC market for the three month period ending September, with its unit shipments growing more than six times the industry average.


Apple sets new standard in customer satisfaction

08/19/2008, 12:08 pm

Customer satisfaction in the personal computer industry suffered another series of declines last quarter, though one standout was Apple, Inc., which defied the trend by recording its largest gain ever, according to a new consumer satisfaction survey.


Windows 7 starts race with Apple to full multi-touch desktop OS

05/28/2008, 09:05 pm

The first public showing of Microsoft's next major Windows update reveals an operating system with a familiar-looking dock and a more than slight emphasis on multi-touch displays.


AT&T expands iPhone distribution; AmTech on Dell; West 14th

12/07/2007, 05:12 pm

AT&T's control of Cellular One is bringing the iPhone to new corners of the US, including Alaska. And Dell's venture into retail is unlikely to dent Apple's influence in retail, according to an investor note from American Technology Research.


Briefly: Dell at Best Buy; Mac Pro and 10.5.2 at Macworld?

12/06/2007, 07:12 pm

Dell has bolstered its commitment to retail by placing some of its computer line on Best Buy's shelves. Meanwhile, one rumor suggests Apple will both update the Mac Pro at January's Macworld show and release an update to speed up new Intel processors.


French iPhone launch; potential Nokia dispute; Black Friday visits

11/28/2007, 06:11 pm

The iPhone's launch in France was marked by large lines and a VIP visit. Meanwhile, Nokia may square off against Apple if it releases a touchscreen phone, and Apple has overtaken Dell in Black Friday site traffic.