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Topic: iPad 5

Apple's next 9.7" iPad to be 'significantly lighter and slimmer'

01/16/2013, 08:01 am

Apple's full-size iPad is set to shed some excess, with a thinner and lighter fifth-generation redesign expected to arrive this year.


Jefferies expects 'iPhone 5S' & new iPad in summer, 'iTV' next fall

12/10/2012, 11:12 am

Investment firm Jefferies helped to send Apple stock downward Monday morning when it cut its price target from $900 to $800, but the financial group also predicted that Apple will launch its next iPhone and iPad as early as June, followed by a television set in the fall of 2013.


Apple television predicted to headline three core product launches in 2013

11/20/2012, 09:11 am

Apple is forecast by one prominent market watcher to hold three major product launches in 2013, capped off by the introduction of a full-fledged television set by the end of the year.


Rumor: Apple to introduce next-gen iPhone, iPad in mid-2013

11/19/2012, 03:11 pm

A new report from DigiTimes claims that Apple's supply chain expects the company to introduce its next-generation iPhone and iPad "around the middle of 2013."


Apple predicted to launch lighter, thinner 9.7" iPad 'as quickly as possible'

10/24/2012, 11:10 am

While Apple surprised with the announcement of a new fourth-generation iPad this week, the company may quickly update the product once again with a thinner and lighter model early next year, one insider believes.