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Topic: iPhone 3G

iOS 4.1 on iPhone 3G shows marked improvement in speed test

09/03/2010, 08:09 pm

As expected, iPhone 3G performance improves considerably when running iOS 4.1 in an informal speed test.


Inside Apple's iOS 4.1 update: proximity sensor fix, Game Center, more

08/20/2010, 03:08 pm

The forthcoming iOS 4.1 software update will pack a number of fixes for Apple's mobile devices, including a problematic issue with the iPhone 4 proximity sensor. AppleInsider offers a closer look at the latest beta available to developers.


Game Center not compatible with iPhone 3G in iOS 4.1 beta 3

08/04/2010, 07:08 am

Both the iPhone 3G and second-generation iPod touch are not compatible with Apple's forthcoming Game Center application in the latest beta of iOS 4.1.


Apple looking into iOS 4 problems on iPhone 3G

07/28/2010, 08:07 pm

After numerous reports of problems, Apple is investigating the performance of the iPhone 3G when running iOS 4.


Apple rumored to release iOS 4.0.1 for iPhone today

07/15/2010, 08:07 am

A new rumor has stated that Apple will release an iPhone software update in the form of iOS 4.0.1 on Thursday, a day before the company has scheduled a press conference to talk about the iPhone 4.


Hackers release 'jailbreak' of iOS 4 for Apple's iPhone 3GS

06/23/2010, 09:06 am

Users can now run unauthorized code on their iOS 4-equipped iPhone 3GS, as well as iPhone 3G and iPod touch, thanks to the latest software "jailbreak" released by hackers.


Inside iOS 4: Missing features for iPhone 3G users

06/22/2010, 06:06 pm

Apple disabled support for some features in iOS 4 to shoehorn the new release into the processing constraints and memory footprint of the 2008 iPhone 3G and second generation iPod touch. Here's what's missing and why.


Apple releases iOS 4 for iPhone, iPod touch

06/21/2010, 01:06 pm

Apple's latest operating system upgrade for the iPhone, iOS 4, was released Monday, packed with over 100 new features including multitasking and folders.


Verizon corrects Droid X ad error touting 720p screen

06/17/2010, 04:06 pm

A Verizon Wireless web promo for its Droid-branded Android phones originally promoted the upcoming Droid X as having a "720p screen," stoking some brief excitement that iPhone 4 and its Retina Display might be eclipsed, at least until the error was corrected.


AT&T sold out of iPhone 3G before Apple's next-gen announcement

06/04/2010, 11:06 am

With just a few days to go before Apple is expected to formally announce its fourth-generation iPhone, the low-end iPhone 3G is now reportedly out of stock at U.S. carrier AT&T.


Walmart to sell Apple's 16GB iPhone 3GS for $97

05/24/2010, 08:05 pm

Walmart has revealed that it will begin selling the 16GB iPhone 3GS for $97 this week, more than $100 off of Apple's $199 suggested retail price.


Apple stops shipping iPhone 3G to AT&T stores - rumor

05/24/2010, 03:05 pm

With two weeks to go before Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference, a new rumor states that the handset maker has stopped shipping the 8GB iPhone 3G to AT&T stores.


Apple's latest iPhone OS 4 beta adds customizable user dictionary

05/19/2010, 09:05 pm

Users will be able to add and edit their own words to the iPhone's dictionary when Apple delivers the iPhone OS 4 software upgrade to the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS this summer.


Visa, Apple aim to simplify transactions with wireless iPhone payments

05/06/2010, 11:05 am

This summer, Visa will make it possible for iPhone users to wave their device in front of a contactless payment terminal to make transactions, thanks to an Apple-certified hardware accessory.


Chinese iPhone gets Wi-Fi, Apple granted iPhone design patent

05/04/2010, 09:05 am

An updated iPhone with support for the Chinese national standard for Wi-Fi has received regulatory approval in China, while in the U.S. Apple was awarded a patent for ownership of the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS design.


Nearly 30% of Apple's first-gen iPhones are still in use - report

04/27/2010, 10:04 am

Just 2 percent of all iPhone OS handsets still in use are Apple's first-generation iPhone, but a new calculation estimates that amounts to nearly 30 percent of the 6.1 million iPhones sold between June 2007 and July 2008.


A closer look at new Photos, iPod, Folders features in iPhone OS 4

04/13/2010, 03:04 pm

Packed with more than 100 new features, Apple's forthcoming iPhone OS 4 update brings changes both major and subtle to the existing integrated applications. Included are a look at changes to the Photos and iPod applications, as well as the new Folders feature.


Apple again sells contract-free, carrier-locked US iPhones

03/22/2010, 08:03 pm

Like it did in March of last year, Apple this week at its retail stores began selling the iPhone at an unsubsidized price without the standard two-year AT&T contract agreement. Also as before, the phone, which costs as much as $700, remains locked to the exclusive U.S. wireless provider.


Apple now allowing iPhone apps to make VoIP calls over 3G networks

01/27/2010, 11:01 pm

In an update to its iPhone SDK, Apple is now permitting apps to make VoIP calls over 3G wireless networks, an option that was once only available over a WiFi connection.


Third Nokia lawsuit accuses Apple of multiple patent violations

01/04/2010, 11:01 am

Nokia has filed a another lawsuit against Apple, with a new federal complaint that alleges the Cupertino, Calif., company has infringed on several "implementation patents," the same cited in an ITC suit filed last week.