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Topic: iPhone 4G

Potential component suppliers for Apple's fourth-gen iPhone named

05/04/2010, 11:05 am

With Apple's new iPhone expected to launch in a matter of months, a new report alleges Foxconn will again assemble the device, while a new panel supplier will be added into the mix.


LG Innotek to supply 5MP camera for Apple's fourth-gen iPhone - report

04/28/2010, 10:04 pm

LG Innotek will serve as the supplier of 5-megapixel camera sensors for Apple's next-generation iPhone due to ship this spring, according to a report out of the Far East.


Apple's next-gen iPhone could go on sale during WWDC 2010 - rumor

04/28/2010, 03:04 pm

After Apple announced on Wednesday that its annual Worldwide Developers Conference will kick off on June 7, one new rumor suggests the fourth-generation iPhone could go on sale immediately after it is announced.


Authorities waiting to analyze data seized in iPhone prototype case

04/27/2010, 08:04 pm

California authorities are waiting to determine whether a Gizmodo editor who dished photos and details of Apple's fourth-generation iPhone prototype is protected as a journalist under state laws before searching the data present on equipment that was seized from his home.


Apple a director of task force that raided Gizmodo journalist's home

04/27/2010, 07:04 pm

Apple is among a group of Silicon Valley firms that are listed as helping to steer the California police task force that raided the home of a Gizmodo journalist who published photos and information of Apple's fourth-generation iPhone prototype.


California authorities seize computers of Gizmodo editor

04/26/2010, 04:04 pm

Armed with a warrant, California's Rapid Enforcement Allied Computer Team entered Gizmodo editor Jason Chen's home last week and seized four computers and two servers in its felony investigation of an obtained prototype iPhone.


Police investigating events surrounding Gizmodo's iPhone prototype

04/23/2010, 05:04 pm

The computer crime task force of the Santa Clara County district attorney's office is investigating the Gizmodo purchase of an Apple prototype iPhone to determine if criminal charges will be filed.


Prototype iPhone design was likely near-final - report

04/22/2010, 09:04 am

The general look and feel of the prototype iPhone recently discovered and disassembled will likely be very similar to the final shipping product of the next-generation handset Apple will release this summer.


Apple engineer frantically searched for lost prototype iPhone

04/21/2010, 09:04 am

The person who found a prototype iPhone at a California bar did not notify the owners of the establishment or contact the Redwood City Police Department after obtaining the device, according to a new report.


iPhone prototype teardown foreshadows longer battery life

04/20/2010, 08:04 pm

The prototype iPhone that found its way outside of Apple's grasp was disassembled, revealing a tightly packed interior with much smaller components, allowing the device to be thinner than its predecessor while also making space for a much larger battery.


Prototype iPhone was left at bar by Apple software engineer

04/19/2010, 08:04 pm

A 27-year-old Apple software engineer who was field testing Apple's unreleased fourth-generation iPhone left the top-secret device sitting on a bar stool after drinking a German beer in Redwood City, California, Gizmodo reported Monday evening.


Gizmodo paid $5K for exclusive iPhone 4G prototype [u]

04/19/2010, 06:04 pm

Allegedly "lost" in a bar in Redwood City, Calif., Apple's next-generation iPhone prototype was obtained and revealed by Gizmodo months before its expected formal announcement by paying a hefty sum.


Confirmed next-gen Apple iPhone seen in person, disassembled

04/19/2010, 11:04 am

Apple's next-generation iPhone has been obtained by Gizmodo, confirming the forthcoming hardware's forward-facing camera, high-resolution 960x460 display, camera flash, a secondary mic for noise cancellation, and a number of design changes in the new-look device.


Purported prototype next-gen iPhone has MicroSIM slot, two cameras

04/19/2010, 07:04 am

New photos of an alleged fourth-generation iPhone surfaced over the weekend, with a handful of reports claiming the device is indeed a prototype device that somehow slipped away from Apple, sporting dual cameras with flash, a high-resolution screen, and a slot for a MicroSIM card.


AT&T restricting employees from taking vacations in June

04/16/2010, 12:04 pm

Apple's fourth-generation iPhone could go on sale as early as June, according to a new report which mentions that AT&T has blacked out the month for vacation days in apparent preparation for the handset's launch.


Canadian wireless carrier claims next-gen iPhone to arrive in June

04/15/2010, 11:04 am

Apple will stick with its June launch for a new iPhone this year, with the next-generation handset scheduled to be released in just a few months, according to one Canadian wireless provider.


Apple's iPhone 4.0 beta includes linked contacts, iChat sounds

04/12/2010, 12:04 pm

A couple of new discoveries were made this past weekend by developers familiarizing themselves with the first external beta of Apple's iPhone 4.0 operating system, namely the addition of a linked contacts feature and the presence of iChat sounds in the resource files.


Verizon CEO's comments interpreted to mean no iPhone until 2011

04/09/2010, 10:04 am

When Verizon's CEO earlier this week said a CDMA-compatible iPhone on his company's network would be "Apple's call," it dampened hopes of a Verizon iPhone appearing in 2010.


iChatAgent, Note syncing over MobileMe discovered in iPhone 4.0 [u]

04/08/2010, 06:04 pm

Developers working with the new iPhone Software 4.0 beta report the existence of a new background process named iChatAgent, the same process used by iChat on the Mac [Updated with alleged evidence of forward-facing camera as well]. Meanwhile, Note syncing via MobileMe and a handful of other enhancements have been highlighted in a series of screenshots.


Apple's Game Center aims to be like Xbox Live for iPhone OS

04/08/2010, 05:04 pm

Apple on Thursday announced Game Center, its new social gaming network that will allow gamers on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad to see what their friends are playing, challenge them to an online match, or compare scores in specific titles.