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Topic: Kindle

Apple's iPad beating Kindle for news, but hurt by Amazon contracts

05/04/2010, 07:05 pm

Newspaper executives are reporting early success for iPad subscriptions, although their previous contracts related to Amazon's Kindle are affecting the price and content they are able to offer, reportedly leaving Steve Jobs angry.


Oprah gushes over 'amazing' new Apple iPad

04/27/2010, 11:04 am

Television personality Oprah Winfrey, who in the past boosted sales of the Amazon Kindle by praising it on her program, recently declared herself a fan of Apple's iPad for an audience of millions to see.


Amazon Kindle iPad app approved, Netflix working on iPhone app

04/03/2010, 01:04 am

Apple's mobile devices are cross-pollinating: Amazon's Kindle ebook reader was just approved for iPad, while Netflix' iPad app for viewing Instant Streaming videos is being ported to the iPhone and iPod touch.


Apple pre-loading iBook Store with 30,000 free eBooks

03/25/2010, 06:03 pm

Apple has reportedly filled up its upcoming iBook Store for iPad with a wide variety of free ebook titles curated by Project Gutenberg, heading off any attempts by third parties to profiteer on literature in the public domain.


One-third of Apple iPad buyers plan to read books, newspapers

03/23/2010, 11:03 am

More than a third of those eyeing Apple's forthcoming iPad will read books, newspapers and magazines on the touchscreen device, a new study has found.


Amazon reveals all-new Kindle e-book app for Apple iPad

03/22/2010, 08:03 am

In addition to their own respective e-ink hardware devices, booksellers Amazon and Barnes & Noble will also release their own separate digital bookstores for Apple's iPad and other touchscreen tablet devices.


Amazon releases free beta of Kindle for Mac eBook reading software

03/18/2010, 07:03 am

With Apple's eBook-capable iPad looming ominously in the face Amazon's fledgeling electronic book business, the online bookseller on Thursday released a new application for Mac users as part of its ongoing bid to promote its proprietary Kindle platform and prevent defection of its existing user base to a emerging array of alternatives.


iPad ad shows book prices from $8 to $15, Steve Jobs at Oscars

03/08/2010, 09:03 am

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was in attendance at the Oscars Sunday night, and during the telecast the first iPad ad revealed, upon closer look, prices for some titles in the new iBookstore.


Penguin betting big on interactive eBook content for Apple's iPad

03/04/2010, 02:03 am

Penguin Books demonstrated of a series of interactive ebook titles the company is preparing for Apple's iBook Store for iPad, in a presentation looking at how the company plans to accommodate a transition to digital ebooks.


Publishers justify $13-$15 e-book prices for Apple iPad

03/01/2010, 03:03 pm

After the introduction of the iPad gave publishers leverage to raise e-book prices on the Amazon Kindle, a new report states that consumers have "unrealistic expectations" about how low e-book prices should be.


Amazon frantically phoned publishers as Steve Jobs unveiled iPad

02/27/2010, 12:02 pm

Apple chief executive Steve Jobs was still standing on stage addressing an auditorium full of media reps last month when higher-ups at Amazon began phoning publishers in an effort to extract details on the deals they were given to supply content on the new iPad device he was touting.


Some Apple iPad e-book bestsellers could still be $10 or less

02/18/2010, 08:02 am

While the announcement of the iPad convinced numerous publishers to strong-arm Amazon into allowing them to sell e-books for the Kindle for more than $9.99, a new report says not every new bestseller on the iPad will carry a premium price.


IBM plans Lotus for Apple iPad, e-reader eye strain explored

02/12/2010, 01:02 pm

IBM just released its Lotus software for the iPhone and has now turned its attention to the iPad, while a new article explores the facts and myths of LCD eye strain from reading books on devices like the iPad.


Amazon may compete with Apple iPad by giving away free Kindles

02/12/2010, 10:02 am

As Amazon's e-book business continues to evolve in the wake of the Apple iPad announcement, a new rumor suggests the company is exploring the possibility of giving a Kindle reader to its best customers.


Amazon rethinking Kindle in the wake of Apple iPad

02/08/2010, 02:02 pm

Amazon is being forced to rethink many of the design decisions of its Kindle e-book reader after the introduction of Apple's iPad.


Higher Amazon e-book prices expected to coincide with iPad launch

02/08/2010, 08:02 am

Amazon and publisher Macmillan finalized their agreement for higher-priced e-books over the weekend. The deal is expected to serve as a template for other publishers, and the new prices should take effect in March, when Apple's iPad goes on sale.


Apple's iPad deal gives Hachette pricing leverage against Amazon

02/05/2010, 08:02 am

Joining the other publishers who, after striking content deals for Apple's iPad, have looked to increase standard e-book prices beyond $9.99 will be Hachette Book Group, the company announced this week.


Amazon acquires touch-screen maker for future Kindle project

02/03/2010, 07:02 pm

Amazon has purchased touch-screen startup Touchco, with plans to incorporate it into the Kindle's hardware division.


Apple iPad deal pushes another publisher to renegotiate with Amazon

02/03/2010, 09:02 am

Days after Macmillan essentially forced Amazon to accept higher prices for its Kindle e-book titles, Rupert Murdoch, chairman of News Corp., said his publishing company HarperCollins is also in talks to increase titles beyond $9.99.


Amazon concedes, grants $13-$15 e-book prices to Macmillan

02/01/2010, 07:02 am

Days after Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduced the iPad and implied e-book prices would go up, Amazon gave in to a standoff with book publisher Macmillan, raising prices to between $12.99 and $14.99.