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Topic: Lets Rock

Apple posts "Let's Rock" event QuickTime stream

09/09/2008, 06:09 pm

Apple on Tuesday evening gave those left out of the Yerba Buena Center a video stream of the company's iPod and iTunes introductions.


Notes on iTunes biz, App Store, iPod biz, Jobs, new iPod hands-on

09/09/2008, 05:09 pm

Apple today provide updates to some key statistics surrounding its music business and the App Store. Jobs later appeared on CNBC to address concerns about his health (again). And the first hands-on encounters with the company's new iPod line touch on some finer details of the new iPod touch, its Nike+ integration, and the fourth-generation iPod nano.


New headphone, mic options for late 2008 iPods

09/09/2008, 04:09 pm

Along with the new iPods, Apple has released a new audio feature: recording. The newly released 4G Nano, 2G iPod touch, and revised iPod Classic 120GB all feature audio input. A new high quality, dual driver headphone set is being offered as well.


Apple refreshes iPod shuffle colors, intros 120GB iPod classic

09/09/2008, 01:09 pm

Although it wasn't mentioned during chief executive Steve Jobs' keynote presentation Tuesday morning, Apple refreshed the color options for its second-generation iPod shuffle. Separately, the company introduced a new 120GB version of the iPod classic.


iTunes 8 offers collective Genius for playlists, HD TV, visual browser

09/09/2008, 02:09 pm

At its "Let's Rock" iPod event today, Apple announced iTunes 8.0, the first new reference release of the company's music and video player and media store in two years.


Apple's second-gen iPod touch features contoured metal design

09/09/2008, 02:09 pm

At its "Let's Rock" even on Tuesday, Apple introduced the second generation iPod touch featuring a thin contoured metal design, integrated volume control buttons, a built-in speaker for casual listening, and more.


Apple unveils new iPod nano with built-in accelerometer

09/09/2008, 02:09 pm

Apple on Tuesday introduced the new fourth generation iPod nano, the thinnest iPod ever featuring a built-in accelerometer and new tapered design with a curved aluminum and glass enclosure, in nine more vibrant colors.


NBC returns to iTunes for 65 million viewers and HD action

09/09/2008, 02:09 pm

After pulling its shows from iTunes over a dispute involving pricing and bundled content deals a year ago, NBC has signed back up to sell its TV shows to iPod users.


Last minute: iPod nano with sensor, iPod touch, iPod classic, iPod shuffle

09/09/2008, 08:09 am

Apple will announce later today an entire refresh to its iPod family of digital media players, including an iPod nano with some form of motion sensor, AppleInsider has been told.