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Topic: Macworld

First-ever Macworld Mobile to be held at 2011 Mobile World Congress

09/07/2010, 08:09 am

The biggest mobile trade show in the world, the Mobile World Congress, will host the first-ever Macworld Mobile next February in Barcelona, Spain.


11 products earn 'Best of Show' distinction at Macworld 2010

02/12/2010, 04:02 pm

Macworld 2010 is being held in San Francisco this week, and 11 different products featured at the event have been declared the best by the editors of Macworld.


CEA says Apple, Jobs not attending CES 2010 conference

07/30/2009, 02:07 pm

Despite reports to the contrary, Apple will not be exhibiting at next year's Consumer Electronics Show, nor is Chief Executive Steve Jobs expected to deliver the show's keynote, according to the Consumer Electronics Association.


Steve Jobs asked to keynote CES 2010 in January [Updated]

07/29/2009, 10:07 pm

Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs, who was photographed leaving the company's Cupertino, Calif. headquarters Wednesday, has been asked to keynote next year's Consumer Electronics Show. But will Apple even attend?


Macworld Expo moving from January to February

03/30/2009, 05:03 pm

IDG World Expo announced Monday that next year's Macworld Expo -- the first without headliner Apple -- will take place February 9th through the 13th rather than January 4th through the 8th, as was previously announced.


Analyst urges Apple to add cable box support to Apple TV

02/04/2009, 07:02 pm

As sales triple year-over-year and a new cable communication standard arrives on the scene at the same time, a new-and-improved Apple TV could become the center of your digital home, according to a Wall Street analyst.


CES tempting Apple-related electronics makers from Macworld

01/11/2009, 10:01 pm

No matter Apple's plans to attend CES on its own, those accessory builders who once only attended Macworld are being offered a chance to exhibit in a special section of the larger Las Vegas show.


Source: Apple plans to attend CES in 2010

01/09/2009, 06:01 pm

On the heels of announcing its plans to bail on Macworld Expo next year, Apple will be instead attending the more generic Consumer Electronics Show in 2010, according to sources familiar with the matter.


Several new Mac, iPod, iPhone gadgets debut at Macworld

01/09/2009, 12:01 pm

New gadgets seen at Macworld can help organize household items, record meetings and lectures, charge your iPod in an emergency, and more. This overview includes products from Griffin Technology, Shure, XtremeMac, and more.


Livescribe Pulse smart pen demos crowd aisles at Macworld

01/09/2009, 11:01 am

A new "paper-based computing" device from Livescribe packs a PDA into an old fashioned writing pen to deliver a programmable computer and voice recorder that remembers everything it writes, can translate text and formulas, and syncs everything it jots with your desktop PC.


Eye-Fi adds WiFi, geotagging to any camera

01/09/2009, 11:01 am

Apple gave a lot of airtime this week to the new geotagging features in iPhoto 09, which allows users to organize and search photos based on the GPS data assigned to them. Eye-Fi's SD memory cards will enable any camera to tag photos with a location, making the cards a great camera upgrade for iLife 09 users.


New storage options playing big role at Macworld

01/08/2009, 10:01 pm

Checking out the latest in Mac-friendly gear is a big part of Macworld, and this year was no exception. Here's our roundup of new storage options, ranging from external to networked from names like HP, Iomega, LaCie, Verbatim, and more.


Mac industry gathers to discuss future of Macworld Expo

01/08/2009, 07:01 pm

Macworld Expo organizers hosted a Town Hall meeting last night, featuring an open discussion with Macworld Conference & Expo vice president and general manager Paul Kent.


Microvision's tiny video projector wows Macworld attendees

01/08/2009, 06:01 pm

While Apple demonstrated some cool new technologies in its consumer software packages, one of the most impressive new technology introductions at Macworld Expo was hidden away in Moscone Center's North Hall: a tiny video projector the size of an iPhone.


iTunes DRM-free, but upgrading comes with strings attached

01/07/2009, 06:01 pm

Even though Apple chief executive Steve Jobs' long-stated desire for DRM-free iTunes music has finally been realized, some observers and users are questioning Apple for the way it's handling certain aspects of the change.


An extensive look at Apple's new service

01/07/2009, 06:01 pm

Apple's new service lifts one of the biggest obstacles facing its iWork office productivity suite by making it easier for iWork users to collaborate with others using Windows PC and Microsoft Office. Here's a first look at how the service works and what it does.


Analysts: Macworld "underwhelming", "evolutionary"

01/07/2009, 03:01 pm

Apple watchers on Wall Street are weighing in on Tuesday's Phil Schiller-led keynote address at Macworld, which they found disappointing but somewhat reassuring when it comes to the continued role of Steve Jobs as the company's primary spokesperson.


Apple's final Macworld booth in photos

01/06/2009, 08:01 pm

Macs and iPhones are driving the the latest chapter of the Apple growth story but that's not the pictured painted by the company's exhibit at this year's Macworld Expo, where the usual suspects have taken a back seat to the latest innovations in consumer media and productivity software.


A closer look at Apple's advanced notebook battery tech

01/06/2009, 08:01 pm

The new 17" MacBook Pro claims an industry leading 8 hours of battery life, thanks to a series of innovations Apple highlighted in the new notebook's introduction. Even so, many of the advancements are not actually new, but rather the product of Apple's incremental engineering efforts to increase its notebooks' usability and desirability by thinking differently.


First look: unibody 17" MacBook Pro (with photos and video)

01/06/2009, 06:01 pm

It was no surprise to see a unibody refresh of the 17" MacBook Pro; many wondered why the model wasn't included with the 13" MacBook and 15" MacBook Pro released last fall. Apple's belated high end notebook refresh did give Phil Schiller "one more thing" to introduce in his keynote however.