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Topic: Macworld

Apple wanted out of tyranny of Macworld - reports

12/17/2008, 11:12 am

Apple's decision to end its participation at the annual Macworld Expo after next month's show is a sign the company wants to free itself from making product announcements on someone else's schedule and not an indication that its chief executive is in poor health, according to new reports.


Macworld pullout blamed on "politics," not Jobs' health

12/16/2008, 09:12 pm

Following the startling news that Apple would no longer show at Macworld Expo after the 2009 event, one report may put to rest fears that the health of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs is the deciding factor behind the move.


Apple says 2009 Macworld Expo will be its last; no Jobs keynote

12/16/2008, 05:12 pm

Apple announced Tuesday that next month is the last time the company will exhibit at Macworld Expo in San Francisco and that chief executive Steve Jobs will not be making a keynote presentation this year.


NPD: Apple's US Mac sales flat in Nov., iMac needs refresh

12/16/2008, 09:12 am

Sales of Windows PCs grew faster in the United States during the month of November than Macs, which were weighed down by sluggish demand for aging iMac models, according to NPD.


Mac mini makeover considered likely for Macworld

12/15/2008, 09:12 pm

A new source claims that Apple's long-overdue revision of the Mac mini will make its appearance at Macworld Expo early next month.


Jobs keynote likely for Macworld; iTunes keeps Amazon MP3 at bay

12/15/2008, 06:12 pm

Macworld Expo host IDG still expects Apple chief Steve Jobs to keynote 2009's San Francisco show despite unusual silence on the matter. Apple, meanwhile, now has little to fear from Amazon's music store a year later. NPD also data shows Mac sales continuing to grow.


GS downgrades Apple, says new product at Macworld unlikely

12/15/2008, 02:12 pm

Shares of Apple slipped about 4 percent Monday after investment bank Goldman Sachs removed the company from its buy list for the first time in more than two years, citing concerns over consumer spending and a belief that Macworld Expo will not see the company embark on a major new product initiative.


More big names downsizing, pulling out of Macworld Expo [Ux2]

12/04/2008, 10:12 pm

A faltering global economy is expected to take its toll on trade shows next year and January's Macworld will be no exception, with more big names planning to downsize their presence or pulling out altogether, AppleInsider has learned.


Adobe to be largely a no-show at Macworld 2009

12/03/2008, 05:12 pm

Usually one of most reliable and dominating presences on the show floor at Macworld's annual San Francisco expo, Adobe Systems is now warning that its presence at the 2009 event will be limited to the sidelines.


Macworld 2009 sign-ups open, push some out of keynote room

09/11/2008, 06:09 pm

IDG on Thursday opened up registration for those hoping to attend 2009's Macworld Expo in San Francisco, but made it clear that all but its most privileged attendees won't witness Apple's keynote speech first-hand.


Analysis: Apple shares see average 4% boost around major events

06/03/2008, 09:06 am

With Apple's annual developers conference rapidly approaching and expectations for a 3G iPhone launch at the conference running high, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster has taken a look back at how shares of the company have faired around similar events.


First HDD-based MacBook Air reviews hit the wires

01/24/2008, 10:01 am

Apple has seeded journalists at three of the nation's most widespread publications -- The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Newsweek -- with early MacBook Air review units. The first reviews from these publications began cropping up earlier this morning. A detailed summary of each review, and some observations, follow.


Four-page Macworld 2008 photo gallery

01/18/2008, 11:01 am

With Macworld Expo 2008 officially winding down today, AppleInsider is wrapping up its coverage of the conference with this four-page photo gallery from the show floor.


MacSpeech's Dictate: high quality voice recognition for the Mac

01/17/2008, 08:01 pm

MacSpeech at this week's Macworld Expo unveiled Dictate, its new speech recognition and voice command software currently in beta and slated for release mid February. The new product replaces and improves upon the existing iListen.


Parallels aims to virtualize Leopard Server and help sell Xserves

01/17/2008, 06:01 pm

Parallels, maker of the popular Parallels Workstation software that enables Intel Mac users to run Windows or Linux within a virtualized environment, introduced its new Parallels Server. The new product, intended to enter beta in the next couple months, is designed to virtualize and manage multiple server operating systems on any Intel-compatible hardware.


Google on iPhone update; EA's Spore for Mac; iPlayer for Apple TV

01/17/2008, 03:01 pm

Google is warning iPhone users about the effects of Apple's v1.1.3 firmware update on Gmail. Meanwhile, EA has announced plans to bring its "Spore" title to the Mac later this year. And BBC is strongly considering offering its iPlayer web video service through the revamped version of Apple TV.


IBM's Lotus software coming to Apple's iPhone, iPod touch, Macs

01/17/2008, 12:01 pm

Microsoft rivals Apple Inc. and IBM Corp. will soon announce a partnership that will deliver a handful of IBM's Lotus software packages for Apple's handheld and Mac products, the Associated Press is reporting.


First Look: Apple's new MacBook Air (with photos and video)

01/16/2008, 09:01 pm

After hoisting teaser Macworld Expo banners of "something in the air," it seemed likely that the slogan would be an allusion to wireless networking. Instead, Steve Jobs exhaled the MacBook Air, a new ultra light laptop widely rumored in advance to be the star of the show.


Photo gallery: Apple's booth at Macworld Expo 2008

01/16/2008, 08:01 pm

Apple's booth at this week's Macworld Expo, undoubtedly the most heavily trafficked, is essentially broken organized into five distinct sections -- Apple Booth, Apple TV, iPod touch, iPhone, and Time Capsule.


Third parties at Macworld: Garmin, Kensington, LaCie (photos)

01/16/2008, 08:01 pm

A number of third-party vendors stand out from the pack at Macworld San Francisco and are bringing new technologies with them, including USB display adapters and 1.3-inch hard drives.