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Topic: MobileMe

Apple testing 'Find my iPhone' ahead of other MobileMe improvements

06/09/2009, 02:06 pm

Apple overnight tapped its developer community to begin testing a new "Find my iPhone" feature, one of several enhancements to the company's MobileMe internet service due to arrive with this month's release of iPhone Software 3.0.


Microsoft pays for inaccurate "Apple Tax" study, issues 3rd TV ad

04/09/2009, 08:04 pm

Hoping to persuade possible Mac buyers that Apple charges an arbitrary "tax" for its computers, Microsoft has paid one analyst to create a report that portrays Windows PCs as less expensive -- even if it has to artificially pad the Mac's price and hide Windows' costs to get there.


Apple to disable .Mac website tools in July

04/09/2009, 06:04 pm

MobileMe subscribers using legacy .Mac website tools have been warned by Apple that the .Mac Groups and HomePage features will be discontinued in July, leaving existing pages live but taking away the ability to edit or update them.


iPhone 3.0 beta caught hiding video editing graphics?

04/05/2009, 04:04 pm

The founder of Austrian site claims to have found multiple unused graphical controls that relate directly to video editing. Among the controls are grab points that would let users define the start and end of clips as well as repeating, tile graphics and references to an 'edit bar.'


iPhone 3.0 to offer MobileMe users "Find My iPhone" feature

03/18/2009, 02:03 pm

A new feature in the iPhone 3.0 firmware appears to let users remotely pinpoint a lost or stolen phone by securely requesting the device's location via Apple's MobileMe service.


New phishing scam targets MobileMe users

02/26/2009, 08:02 am

In another attempt to con MobileMe users into providing their credit card information, a scammer has sent out spam spoofed to appear to come from Apple, which directs users to a fake site designed to look like Apple's. Users who follow the email link and enter their information on the poorly formatted, fake Apple web page will be sorry.


File sharing finally comes to MobileMe

02/13/2009, 11:02 am

A file-sharing feature promised last July has finally arrived for users of Apple's MobileMe, capping a months-long delay that stemmed from the online service's rocky launch.


Google intros free push calendaring, contacts for iPhone

02/10/2009, 08:02 am

While Apple's MobileMe has so far been one of the only ways to get push data to the iPhone outside of the workplace, Google has launched a new mobile sync service that promises to do much of the same for free.


Microsoft plays catch up to MobileMe with My Phone

02/09/2009, 08:02 am

Microsoft's answer to portions of Apple's MobileMe service was expected to be called SkyBox, but the company is now rebranding the mobile data sync service as My Phone, according to pages posted to the company's Windows Mobile website.


Apple rolls out more MobileMe fixes

12/23/2008, 12:12 pm

Apple this week quietly updated its MobileMe internet service with a new round of bug fixes and enhancements targeting Contacts, Calendar, Gallery, iDisk, and more.


Apple improving Mobile Me synching in Mac OS X 10.5.6

11/12/2008, 02:11 pm

One of the primary focuses of Apple's upcoming Mac OS X 10.5.6 Update will be to improve the reliability of data syncing between the company's MobileMe Internet service and users on notebook computers or slower networks.


Apple silently updates MobileMe web apps

10/30/2008, 02:10 am

Apple has updated its MobileMe web service software, but hasn't noted the update in its MobileMe news blog or otherwise notified subscribers of the new changes outside of an article on the company's support site.


iPhone owners wrestle with missing e-mail downloads

09/22/2008, 06:09 pm

As much as the iPhone 2.1 firmware appears to have resolved many outstanding glitches with Apple's device, an increasing number of users say the update has broken background e-mail checks.


MobileMe users hit by phishing scam

09/07/2008, 09:09 pm

A scammer is targeting MobileMe users with an email purporting to be from Apple. The email claims there are problems with the user's subscription renewal information, and directs them to a web site that asks them to reenter their credit card information.


Apple gives another 60-day free extension for MobileMe

08/18/2008, 09:08 pm

Apple has offered an additional two month free extension for all MobileMe subscribers with active accounts as of August 19, 2008, on top of the original 30-day extension granted a month ago, shortly after the MobileMe launch.


Inside MobileMe: Web 3 and Web client-server apps

08/15/2008, 09:08 am

MobileMe isn't just for iPhone users. It also expands upon the simple web apps delivered as part of .Mac using a cohesive Mac OS X inspired interface that behaves more like a desktop app than a web page, providing easy access to data from anywhere you have Internet access. Here's a look at how web apps have developed, how Apple's new online apps work, and the future potential of MobileMe's tightly integrated mobile, web, and desktop apps.


Inside MobileMe: iPhone's Exchange alternative for contacts and calendar

08/13/2008, 09:08 am

MobileMe's Exchange Server-style push updates for contacts and calendar events on the iPhone is entirely new from the previous .Mac. Here's how MobileMe relates to Exchange, how contacts and calendars work, and what's still missing in Apple's service related to calendar and contact management.


Inside MobileMe: iPhone Mail

08/12/2008, 08:08 am

MobileMe upgrades .Mac email on the iPhone to use rapid push updating. Here's how it works, and what's new and different in MobileMe mobile mail, how to configure junk mail and security, and what's still missing.


Inside MobileMe: Apple's Push vs Exchange, BlackBerry, Google

08/11/2008, 11:08 am

Apple's MobileMe provides mobile device push and an innovative Wide-Area Bonjour push sync mechanism for securely updating desktop clients over the Internet. There's currently nothing identical to the service on other platforms, but there is some feature overlap with Microsoft's Exchange Server in corporate settings, RIM's BlackBerry mobile push messaging, and web-based service offerings from Google and others. Here's a look at how MobileMe compares in price and features.


Inside MobileMe: Mac and PC cloud sync and mobile push

08/09/2008, 04:08 pm

MobileMe is advertised as push messaging service, so some users were disappointed to find that some desktop updates may take as long as fifteen minutes to find their way up to the cloud. However, the service does also support push IMAP email as well as full desktop push updates from the cloud, at least on Mac OS X. Here's how Apple's service works with the client software on desktop Macs and PCs and on the iPhone.