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Topic: Sony

Video industry plans escape from iTunes with 'open' standard

09/15/2008, 07:09 pm

Afraid that Apple will gain the sort of lock on downloadable video that it did with music, Sony and a group of video business heavyweights are planning a new standard that would let copy protected movies and TV from any participating service work with many devices..


Apple will replace 'exploding' first-run iPod nanos

08/19/2008, 06:08 pm

After instances where first-generation iPod nanos' power has triggered minor but device-killing fires, Apple has agreed to replace for free any more of the music players that suffer the same problem.


PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 now fuller rivals to Apple TV

07/15/2008, 06:07 pm

Microsoft and Sony maneuvers at the Electronic Entertainment Expo now turn their respective Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles into stronger media hubs , and more direct challengers to Apple TV.


iPhone to interface with PlayStation 3 Blu-ray playback

04/09/2008, 11:04 am

Blu-ray Disc solutions provider NetBlender is expected to announce this week a software kit for iPhone developers that will allow them to expand upon the Blu-ray playback features of Sony's PS3 gaming console.


BBC preps iPlayer beta for iPhone; Sony plans Apple TV rival

03/06/2008, 09:03 am

BBC appears posed to begin offering UK residents a Web-based beta of its iPlayer for Apple Inc.'s iPhone, and may also be working on a native version of the software. Meanwhile, Sony has revealed that it's hard at work on a Blu-ray based competitor to Apple TV.


Reports: Apple and NBC mending fences

01/21/2008, 10:01 am

Apple Inc. and video content provider NBC Universal are working to bury the hatchet, according to reports, which suggest that it's only a matter of time before the network's catalog of television programming returns to the digital shelves of the iTunes Store.


New report claims 24-hour, variable price iTunes rentals

12/29/2007, 08:12 pm

Adding to the media frenzy surrounding possible iTunes movie rentals, a Hollywood magazine alleges that Apple's rentals will only last for short stretches of time and will use a flexible price structure.