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Topic: Wintek

Wintek sales spike 61% ahead of Apple's anticipated 'iPad mini'

08/01/2012, 09:08 am

Apple supplier Wintek saw its sales grow 61 percent month over month in July an increase that has been interpreted as a sign that the company has received orders for Apple's anticipated 'iPad mini.'


Wintek's sales plunge hints at Apple's switch to in-cell iPhone touch panels

07/03/2012, 02:07 pm

Touch panel maker Wintek on Tuesday announced that its June sales were down an unusually high 33.6 percent month over month, signaling that the company may have lost out on key orders for Apple's next-generation products, namely a new iPhone rumored to have in-cell touch panel technology.


Touch panel shipments for Apple's iPhone expected to drop 15-20% in Q2 2012

05/04/2012, 08:05 am

Seven months after the launch of the iPhone 4S, suppliers are expecting shipments to slip 15 to 20 percent in the current quarter, as customers begin to hold off for Apple's next-generation handset.


Former factory workers urge public to sign Apple labor petition

02/22/2012, 06:02 pm

Apple's trouble with factory assets in China has quickly become a conflagration, and two former Wintek employees stoked the flames on Wednesday when they offered their support of an online petition that will be delivered to Apple Stores across the nation.


Wintek sales surge 74% on iPhone, iPad demand, Apple stock boost expected

12/01/2011, 10:12 am

Touchscreen supplier Wintek Corporation revealed on Thursday that its sales in November were up 74 percent month over month, an increase seen as a positive sign for sales of Apple's iOS devices that is expected to push its stock price higher and offset recent losses.


Rumor: Display suppliers shipping 3M iPad 3 panels for assembly in Jan. 2012

11/17/2011, 10:11 pm

Samsung, LG Display and Sharp have begun shipping high-resolution displays for Apple's next generation iPad as Foxconn prepares to begin assembly in January 2012, a new report claims.


Rumor: Wintek touch panel defect may affect iPhone 5 shipments

09/23/2011, 02:09 am

Defects discovered in Wintek-produced touch panels bound for Apple's next-generation iPhone could adversely affect initial shipments of the device, according to an unverified report.


Apple suppliers reap iPad 2 benefits, positive news expected to continue

04/01/2011, 12:04 pm

Overseas suppliers for Apple products saw a surge in sales in the month of March, as demand for the iPad 2 created the need for a steady supply of components.


With 60% of world's touch panel capacity, Apple squeezes competitors

02/17/2011, 08:02 am

Apple has reportedly locked up 60 percent of the world's touch panel capacity, which has led to "tight supply" among competitors hoping to take on the iPad.


Chinese environmental groups accuse Apple of ignoring health concerns

01/20/2011, 03:01 pm

A consortium of environmentally focused groups in China called out Apple on Thursday for allegedly failing to properly oversee suppliers, accusing the iPhone maker of fostering health and safety problems in factories.


Briefly: Mac OS X 10.6.5, Windows Phone 7, possible worker poisoning

10/25/2010, 09:10 pm

Just three days after the last build, Apple has released another beta for Mac OS X 10.6.5, and Microsoft has released a beta of its Windows Phone 7 Connector syncing application for Mac. Finally, Chinese workers who claim to have worked on Apple products have been hospitalized due to poisoning from chemical vapors.


Apple supplier Wintek says it treated workers for chemical exposure

05/18/2010, 02:05 pm

Wintek, the maker of display panels for Apple's iPhone and iPad, said this week that it provided proper medical treatment to workers who became sick after alleged exposure to a poisonous chemical.


Apple contractor Wintek sued by 44 employees over alleged poisoning

05/14/2010, 08:05 am

Dozens of Wintek workers claim in a new lawsuit that they were poisoned by a chemical called n-hexane while cleaning glass screens of Apple's iPhone in a Chinese factory.


Potential component suppliers for Apple's fourth-gen iPhone named

05/04/2010, 11:05 am

With Apple's new iPhone expected to launch in a matter of months, a new report alleges Foxconn will again assemble the device, while a new panel supplier will be added into the mix.


Delays cause Apple to switch iPad touch-panel orders to Wintek

03/26/2010, 08:03 am

Due to delayed shipments for iPad touch-panels from Taiwan-based TPK Touch Solutions, Apple has reportedly shifted its orders to longtime partner Wintek. Also, some who preordered the iPad have begun seeing charges from Apple to their credit card, and Best Buy is prepping for the device's April 3 launch.


U.S. senator presses Apple on human rights practices in China

02/02/2010, 12:02 pm

Apple's business presence in China has come under scrutiny from U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., who has asked the Cupertino, Calif., company for information on its human rights practices.