Apple files for iPod Hi-Fi, iPod Boombox trademarks

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Apple Computer has filed with Hong Kong\'s Intellectual Property Department for trademarks on two new iPod terms, which appear to reference unreleased iPod products or services, AppleInsider has learned.

In a filing made on September 20, 2005, the iPod maker requested a trademark on the term \"iPod Hi-Fi,\" seemingly in reference to an iPod that can reproduce sound, images and video at a higher fidelity than today\'s models. Alternatively, it\'s plausible that the term was a name the company once considered for its fifth-generation iPod players that include video capabilities.

A description of iPod Hi-Fi provided by Apple in the filing describes the device broadly as \"Computers, computer hardware, computer peripherals, hand held computers, personal digital assistants, electronic organizers, electronic notepads, apparatus for recording, transmission and reproduction of sounds, images, or data.\"

Separately, sources said that Apple is developing an iPod model with a higher-resolution display and about an inch of additional viewing area. It\'s unclear if, or when, the company intends to release the device, and no further details were provided.

Meanwhile, a second filing made by Apple on June 13th requested a trademark on the term \"iPod Boombox.\" Again, Apple described the device or service broadly, using the same specification description it used in the filing for the iPod Hi-Fi trademark.

Of interest, reliable sources in December reported that Apple was preparing to introduce

\">new consumer electronics at the recent Macworld Expo in San Francisco, including the first \"iPod companion\" products.

One such product described to AppleInsider was indeed an iPod Boombox, which sources said was \"unlike anything seen in boombox world\" and strikingly different from \"anything Apple has released in the past.\" While the iPod Boombox failed to surface, Apple did release the iPod Radio product also referenced in the same report.

It\'s unclear precisely what has become of the iPod Boombox, but at least one journalist has gone on record in saying that some \"much cooler\" Apple products were originally planned for but later omitted from Apple chief executive Steve Jobs\' opening keynote address.

There is no record of trademark filings for the terms iPod Hi-Fi and iPod Boombox at the United States Patent and Trademark Office.


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