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Apple readying software patch for quirky MacBook trackpads

Trackpad issues experienced by users of Apple's new unibody MacBooks and MacBook Pros will be addressed in a forthcoming software update, according to an email response from chief executive Steve Jobs.

The problem, which was documented in AppleInsider's review of the unibody MacBook Pro and covered from another user's perspective earlier this week, is the new glass trackpad's tendency not to register some physical clicks performed by the user.

Having become frustrated with the glitch, one MacBook Pro owner mailed Jobs earlier this week and received a call back from Apple's customer relations department. He was told that the company was "researching the clicking issue" but as of yet could not determine a solution.

However, another customer experiencing the same problem mailed Jobs at a slightly later date and was told that a patch is forthcoming, suggesting that Apple has determined the issue can be completely rectified by a software update.

"Software fix coming soon," the Apple co-founder reportedly said in one of his traditionally terse email replies.

Although much of the attention surrounding the glass trackpad clicking issue has come from MacBook Pro users, several unibody 13-inch MacBook owners say they've also experienced the same anomalies.

Due to striking similarities in the design of both products, it's believed that any fix for the MacBook Pro would be deployed in the same manner for the new MacBooks.