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Apple resellers advised of 2-3 week delay on Mac mini orders

As reports of forthcoming hardware refreshes continue to mount, Apple has braced its certified resellers for unusually long shipping times of two to three weeks for both models of its minute Mac mini desktop systems.

Both the low-end, 120GB hard drive Mac mini and the top-tier 320GB model now have a wait time of two to three weeks. Typically, the hardware ships in one to three business days for non-custom orders, people familiar with the online Apple Store for Resellers told AppleInsider.

It's latest piece of anecdotal evidence to suggest that Apple's rumored Mac hardware refreshes are due sometime this month. This week, Apple told its U.S. retail outlets that orders for many existing desktop Macs would go unhonored, and the models will not be restocked. AppleInsider was later advised the low-end Mac mini model has been discontinued, and availability of its replacement is expected to improve in the next few weeks.

High-volime resellers like Amazon, ClubMac, and MacMall, are currently sold out of the low-end Mac mini. In addition, neither have any iMacs available through their own inventories, except for the low-end model at ClubMac and MacMall.

All four of Apple's all-in-one aluminum iMac offerings are also expected to be replaced in a forthcoming product update. The iMac lineup currently has a delay of three to five business days for reseller online orders — a wait longer than usual, but not entirely uncommon, one person said.

People familiar with Apple's Mac product roadmap have said the Cupertino-based company is ready and waiting with a redesigned iMac line, one that should turn up in the coming weeks. The new hardware is said to have a thinner industrial design, and will be available at more affordable prices. The hardware could also include support for Blu-ray discs.

iMac reseller

Similarly, the 13-inch polycarbonate MacBook also sports a wait time of three to five business days for resellers ordering direct from Apple. That product is also expected to see a refresh soon, as the Mac maker is expected to expand the low-cost lineup with new models at lower price points. Currently, the white MacBook is only available in one $999 model.

MacBook reseller

Slight delays have reportedly also hit the MacBook Pro lineup. On Thursday, their wait time was changed from a few days to a three-to-five-day turnaround time. It's unclear if these delays are indicative of any changes.