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Apple says 27-inch iMac display issues have been addressed


After months of reported issues with flickering and yellowing on new 27-inch iMac displays, Apple has publicly stated that the problems have been fixed by its two software updates.

An Apple spokesperson told Gizmodo that the issues experienced by users have been addressed. The statement comes days after the direct-order shipping times for the 27-inch models improved to three to five days.

"We've addressed the issues that caused display flickering and yellow tint," the company said. "Customers concerned that their iMac is affected should contact AppleCare."

The statement is the first real acknowledgment on Apple's part, aside from the two software updates that aimed to fix the issues, that there were problems with the 27-inch model. While supply issues lingered for months after the destkop's debut last October, Apple chalked them up to considerable demand from consumers.

The first software fix came in December in the form of iMac Graphics Firmware Update 1.0. Then, on Feb. 1, the company released a second fix for the redesigned late 2009 model, entitled 27-inch iMac Display Firmware Update 1.0. And just days after the second fix, reports surfaced that Apple was offering a 15 percent refund to some users who were plagued by issues.

As reports of issues persisted, shipping times for the hardware lingered at an average of three weeks. Apple even denied a rumor that a production halt had occurred to fix the ongoing issues.

With supplies of the desktop constrained in December, Apple apologized, saying the hardware was a "huge hit" and the company was "working hard to fulfill orders as quickly as possible." The new iMac was the best-selling desktop in the U.S. when it debuted last October, with the 21.5-inch model taking first place and the 27-inch iMac the third-best-selling machine.