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Mobile advertisers prep unique iPad ads ahead of Apple's launch


Online advertisers are planning new advertising methods created specifically for iPad applications, with a number of major companies already signed on and seeking to promote their goods and services to customers on Apple's forthcoming device.

PointRoll, an analytics and reporting firm, and AdMarvel, an ad delivery service, will partner to create new, highly interactive advertisements on the iPad for major publishers like USA Today, according to digital marketing news site ClickZ. Kate Kaye reported Wednesday that the firms see the iPad as an opportunity "to do a lot more."

Since the iPad can run nearly every iPhone and iPod touch application, advertisers could simply rely on their existing advertising methods to reach users. But much like how developers plan to create unique iPad applications, advertisers see the iPad as an opportunity to generate new revenue with more dynamic content that takes advantage of the device's large 9.7-inch display.

"You could very easily run much the same ad as you do on the iPhone on the iPad, but that would not really be fully leveraging the potential," Max Mead, vice president of business development with PointRoll, reportedly said.

The firm intends to "do more" with iPad ads, creating dynamic endorsements through expandable ads that will make full use of the iPad screen. Already, the company claims that large unnamed clients, including an automaker, retailer and major hotel chain, have signed on for iPad-specific advertisements.

Advertisers do face certain challenges with the iPad, though they are the same as on the iPhone: lack of support for Adobe Flash, and no cross-domain cookies. For these reasons, it is expected that advertisements in iPad software on the App Store are expected to be a more popular option for clients.

AdMarvel CEO Mahi de Silva told ClickZ he expects hundreds of iPad advertising campaigns to come through his firm, and a number of campaigns are already live in the system. AdMarvel is reportedly a partner with over 60 mobile ad networks.

He also noted that in-application ads are the "more compelling" way to reach users. Apple's iPhone OS 3.2 software development kit allows interstitials that must be viewed before content loads, click-to-connect and video. These will be used to create more "dynamic" advertisements on the iPad.

"Unlike the mobile Web where the user must leave a site to go to a landing page," Kaye wrote, "the iPad ad formats will allow users to interact with several dimensions of ad content without leaving the site page."