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New iMacs, Mac Pros and 27-inch Cinema Display expected Tuesday [u]


Apple is poised to release updates to its iMac and Mac Pro desktops, as well as a brand new 27-inch Cinema Display on Tuesday, according to a new rumor.

John Gruber of Daring Fireball hinted on Monday that Apple will release the new products this week in promoting his live podcast.

"We'll have much to talk about, what with the new Mac Pros (finally, right?), speed-bump iMacs, and the gorgeous new 16:9 27-inch Cinema Display that Apple might hypothetically release tomorrow," he wrote.

Update: Gruber later updated his post to also make mention of Apple's Magic Trackpad, a product that is believed to have recently received FCC approval, though no photographs of the tested Bluetooth device are available. The report said that the potential release of the trackpad is "doubly hypothetical."

AppleInsider was first to report on the new 27-inch LED Cinema Display in March. At the time, it was believed that the new display, along with a major update to Apple's Mac Pro workstations, would arrive in June. Though the products didn't meet that timeframe, Gruber's report would suggest that they will arrive before the end of July.

People familiar with the display said the product has been lingering in Apple's labs for some time, referenced with the unique identifier "K59." It is believed that the company was waiting for the price of larger LCD panels, with a display resolution of 2,560-by-1,400 pixels, to lower in price before the product would become available.

Apple's dodeca-core Mac Pro has also been in the works for some time. Last week, retail inventory became unavailable at some stores, indicating that supply channels could be drying up before a planned hardware update.

In addition, over the weekend AppleInsider revealed that iMac inventory was also limited ahead of an anticipated refresh. That came after Apple warned its direct and indirect sales channels of near-term shortages of hardware.