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QuickBooks 2011 for Mac to add support for multiple users

Intuit on Tuesday announced QuickBooks 2011 for Mac, its latest accounting and bookkeeping application with a new multi-user solution, satisfying the most-requested feature from customers.

The new multi-user support in QuickBooks 2011 for Mac includes user permission controls that will allow small-business owners to delegate accounting tasks to others in the company. Intuit said that the "guiding principle" in the development of the latest version of QuickBooks was to save small businesses time.

QuickBooks 2011 for Mac will become available for purchase on Sept. 27, and will support up to five users accessing records at the same time. Administrators will be able to control the level of access individual users have to records.

The 2011 update will also offer milage tracking, the ability to sort transactions in account registers, quick export to Excel or Numbers, and better report customization.

"With the multi-user solution, which includes user permission controls, small business owners will be able to delegate important accounting tasks to others in the company," said Will Lynes, Intuit's QuickBooks for Mac product manager.

QuickBooks 2011 for Mac will also supports QuickBooks connect for the iPhone and iPod touch, and batch invoicing.

QuickBooks for Mac 2011

The full list features in the new QuickBooks 2011 for Mac, according to Intuit, includes:

Scale the Back Office as You Grow
  • Multi-User Access allows up to five employees to simultaneously view and edit QuickBooks data files.
  • User Permissions lets small businesses determine who can work in up to eight accounting activity areas. In addition, iChat integration allows logged-in users to communicate with each other using QuickBooks to avoid crossed wires.

Make Everyday Tasks Easier
  • Mileage Tracking enables users to log their job-related auto mileage for reimbursement on customer invoices and at tax time, giving small businesses a better understanding of job costs.
  • Register Sorting allows users to find specific transactions faster by easily sorting account registers by date, type, number, amount, and other fields.
  • Export Report Data seamlessly to either Excel or Numbers.
  • Little Square is a free, online magazine with videos, articles and other resources that helps users learn the ins and outs of QuickBooks for Mac.

QuickBooks 2011 for Mac

Customize for Your Needs
  • Layout Designer offers improved, ready-made templates to give users the ability to create customized forms for estimates, invoices and more. New tools simplify image cropping and field alignment to create a unique, professional look.
  • Customize Reports allows users to more easily create custom reports with a modern look using familiar Mac-like tools.