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HyperMac to be rebranded HyperJuice after Apple legal action


Accessory maker HyperMac announced Monday that its products will be rebranded HyperJuice, as part of negotiations with Apple following a lawsuit from the Mac maker.

"In the coming weeks, the 'HyperMac' brand name will be renamed to 'HyperJuice' as part of our ongoing comprehensive licensing negotiations with Apple regarding a wide array of technologies and issues," Daniel Chin, president of Sanho Corporation, said in a press release.

Sanho was sued by Apple in September, as the company alleged violation of patents it owns related to the MagSafe charger, as well as cables that use the iPod 30-pin connection. Instead of mimicking Apple's patented MagSafe connectors, Sanho's products actually rely on recycled official MagSafe products made by Apple.

Monday's comments would suggest that Apple's issues with Sanho went beyond the use of MagSafe cables, and also included the "Mac" name in the company's HyperMac product line. The company gave no indication of what its "comprehensive licensing negotiations" might mean for its product line in the future.

Named in the lawsuit are a number of HyperMac products for Apple's line of MacBooks that rely on magnetic power connectors. The complaint also lists external batteries that include a 30-pin dock connector compatible with Apple's iPhone, iPod and iPad ecosystem of devices."

Sanho has been forced to cease the sale of patented MagSafe MacBook charging cables. The company took the opportunity Monday to advertise that the sale of its MacBook external batteries will cease at midnight Pacific time on Nov. 2.

"While we will continue to sell the same batteries together with the rest of our product line after November 2nd, they will not be able to charge MacBooks without the cables," the company said.