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Apple's white iPhone 4 appears on track for spring release in AT&T system

A new leak from AT&T's internal system shows a listing for Apple's white iPhone 4, suggesting that the long-delayed handset is on track for its previously announced Spring 2011 launch.

The screenshot of the carrier's internal listings, leaked to Boy Genius Report, found reference to white iPhone 4 models in both 16GB and 32GB capacities. The inclusion has led to speculation that the device could be on track for a "late February or early March" debut.

The listing comes soon after retailer Best Buy also had internal listings for the white iPhone 4. That internal information listed an in-stock date of Feb. 27.

Apple delayed the white iPhone 4 numerous times, with the most recent setback declared in October. It was then that Apple announced that the white model of its bestselling handset will not arrive until Spring 2011.

Spring doesn't officially start until March 20, 2011. If Apple does in fact launch the handset this spring, it would be 9 months after the iPhone 4 debuted in June of 2010.

When it was revealed the white iPhone 4 wouldn't be available for the device's launch, Apple said it would hit the market in July. The company said the handset had proved "more challenging to manufacture than expected," but did not provide further details.

Then, the following month Apple delayed the white iPhone 4 until late 2010. The company again cited manufacturing difficulties.

Though the white version of the iPhone 4 has not made it to market, it has not affected the popularity of the handset, only available in black. Last week Apple revealed that it had sold a record 16.2 million iPhones during the holiday buying period, representing 86 percent year-over-year growth for the handset.