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Unverified photo suggests Apple to add camera to 7th-gen iPod nano - rumor

A recently leaked photo purportedly shows Apple's seventh-generation iPod nano with a camera hole, though the report remains unverified.

Taiwanese Apple-related blog (via Google Translate), which has a history of leaking Apple hardware, posted the photo of the alleged next-generation iPod nano on Saturday. However, the author of the report was quick to note that he was unable to verify the authenticity of the image.

The author also hedged the report by asserting that the image was posted mainly for the fun of speculation, especially given that the time difference meant it was still April Fools' Day in America. As such, AppleInsider is unable to vouch for the veracity of the rumor and is including it here for discussion purposes only.

The report does, however, remind readers that the website has correctly leaked each of the previous six generations of the iPod nano in past years. The author speculates that Apple could follow the same pattern as with the last design of the iPod nano, where a camera was added during the update from the fourth-generation iPod nano to the fifth-generation without major changes to the form factor.

The addition of a camera to the next iPod nano could be an attempt by Apple to appease critics. Some initial reviews of the sixth-generation iPod nano were disappointed by the lack of a camera, noting that Apple had "given and taken away."

Last year, leaked photos of a 3cm-by-3cm touchscreen that were later confirmed to be of the multi-touch display for the unreleased sixth-generation iPod nano. Also in 2010, the site obtained pre-release photos of white and black front panels for the iPhone 4.

However, the site has also posted several MacBook related rumors which proved to be false, such as a report that Apple was working on a 15-inch MacBook Air and an photos of an alleged 13-inch MacBook casing.