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Apple may soon begin selling iPad 2 units built in Brazil

Apple has reportedly received approval to begin selling iPad 2 units assembled by Foxconn at its new factories in Brazil in the same country.

Sales of the Brazilian-built iPad 2 units could begin in Brazil soon, according to a tipster who spoke with MacRumors. The locally assembled 16-gigabyte iPad 2, which sells for $399 in the U.S., has received the proper certification to go on sale in Brazil.

The Brazil-built iPad 2 units are expected to be available alongside regular units built in China, also by Foxconn. Apple's new third-generation Retina display iPad has apparently not yet received approval for sale, whether assembled in Brazil or China.

Apple began selling iPhone 4 units built in Brazil in their home country in February. Thus far, production has been limited to the 8-gigabyte handset model, model number "MD198BR/A," and has not extended to version of the latest-model iPhone 4S.

Foxconn has been gearing up to assemble iPads in Brazil since January, when it was granted government tax reductions and exemptions related to production. The company plans to build five new factories in Brazil to help cater to demand for the iPhone and iPad, and the facilities are expected to provide an annual run rate of nearly 400 million units within five years.

Foxconn's Jundiai, Brazil manufacturing plant

Officials in Brazil initially began pushing for Apple's products to be manufactured in their country in hopes that it would lead to lower prices for its citizens. It was said that manufacturing Apple's products in Brazil could bypass hefty import taxes the products currently face.