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Apple to gain ownership of domain

The World Intellectual Property Organization has sided with Apple in a dispute over the domain name, and ownership is expected to be transferred to Apple.

The WIPO website recently updated its status on the case as "Terminated," and the domain owner is expected to be required to relinquish ownership of to Apple according to The Next Web. The site is currently owned by Corporation Service Company, a protection agency that owns the domain name in the interim.

Currently, attempts to visit the website are non-responsive. Previously, the website featured a small, relatively inactive forum.

The WIPO's decision to side with Apple came quickly, as Apple applied for ownership of the domain only a few weeks ago. Apple's pursuit of the domain was seen by some as evidence that Apple could name its next-generation iPhone the "iPhone 5," a name that is commonly used in public to refer to the rumored device.

However, Apple's interest in the domain could also simply be an effort to avoid confusion among consumers who might think the domain is owned or affiliated with the company. Late last year, Apple also turned to WIPO to take control of, and also take down a handful of other iPhone-related domains that featured hardcore pornography.

Last July, WIPO also granted Apple ownership of the domain name In that case, it was found that the original owner of the domain had "no rights or legitimate interests in respect of the domain name," and that it was "being used in bad faith by the respondent."