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WWDC 2012 Banners depict iOS 6, OS X, iCloud as stars of the show

A year ago, Steve Jobs presented Apple's three technical foundations as being iOS, OS X and iCloud at the company's Worldwide Developer Conference. The company is now building upon on the same message at this year's event.

In addition to the iOS 6 banner published earlier today, workers at the WWDC event site are erecting similar banners for OS X and iCloud, both missing any specific version numbers.

The OS X banner, conspicuously missing the word "Mac" anywhere, touts itself as "the world's most advanced desktop operating system," in parallel to iOS, which Apple refers to as "the world's most advanced mobile operating system."

Rather than explicitly calling attention to the Mountain Lion codename or its 10.8 version number, the OS X banner simply depicts a mountain lion image.

The iCloud banner similarly presents just the simple icon Apple unveiled for the new service last year, along with the approachable slogan, "Your content. On all your devices," a message Jobs began driving home at last year's event as a high level, long term strategy for Apple going forward.

Spy pictures taken by AppleInsider also catch a glimpse of upper floor banners advertising AirPlay, Apple's wireless video distribution technology that debuted on iOS 5 and is expected to be included in OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion (although it requires late model hardware to work). The AirPlay banner appears to depict a MacBook Air mirroring its display to a large screen HDTV behind it.

The WWDC event targets iOS and OS X developers, and while it has historically often involved product introductions, its main thrust has focused on new software technologies that Apple hopes its growing audience of developers will readily adopt in their products.

Outside the Moscone West venue, smaller banners reflecting the main WWDC 2012 colorful imagery of app icons are in place, as are the giant Apple logos that grace the building every year at WWDC, which first began going up yesterday.