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Rendered photos depict assembled next-gen iPhone [u]

A set of rendered photos depict a what fully-assembled version of Apple's 2012 iPhone may look like, based on previously leaked components [updated].

The renders, which were published by Chinese site iPhone中文网 (Google Translation, via MacOtakara), are based on rumors that have suggested the next iPhone will have a smaller dock, larger speakers and a metal back. While the original report was duped by the pictures, they originally stem from a Flickr user, who explained they were modeled in Rhinoceros 3D and are an authentic looking forgery.

The renders also depict the rumored longer 4-inch screen that some insiders believe is bound for the sixth-generation iPhone.

The images are based on a purported back cover part for the next-generation iPhone that appeared on line last week. Both alleged leaks feature a headphone jack on the bottom of the device, a smaller "mini-dock" and larger speakers. In late May, a similar-looking part also surfaced online, though that part contained a suspicious looking font that called into question its authenticity.

The original report suggested the renders could be legitimate, noting they did not seem to have a "trace" of editing in Adobe Photoshop, though it did hedge the veracity of the photos by labeling the images as unconfirmed. The publication acknowledged the photos were "really incredible," while calling them the "most-possible" leak of the next-generation iPhone.

Purported iPhone leak
Purported iPhone leak
Purported iPhone leak