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Former Apple employees reportedly working on Facebook iPhone app

Facebook has allegedly hired a team of former Apple software engineers to revamp its iPhone app and reports claim the social media giant is planning a major code overhaul in lieu of a simple update.

Sources told Bloomberg on Wednesday that four former Apple iOS experts have been hired by Facebook to work on speed and performance enhancements which are expected to be released in an upcoming version of the company's app for iDevices.

According to the publication, touch-screen UI developer Greg Novick; iPhone software gurus Tim Omernick and Chris Tremblay; and creator of Apple's first-party Stocks app Scott Goodson are slated to join the Facebook team. Also working on the project after having their company Push Pop Press acquired by Facebook are former Apple designers Mike Matas and Kimon Tsinteris, who are credited with helping to create the look and feel of iOS. Matas, for example, is credited with thinking up the battery icon an iPhone displays when the device is charging.

The news is in line with reports from nearly a month ago that claimed Facebook was working on a completely rebuilt iOS app which was supposedly set to launch in July.

Facebook is also said to be developing its own handset in cooperation with HTC and a May report claimed the company hired "more than half a dozen" former Apple hardware and software engineers who worked on the iPhone as well as one iPad engineer to complete the task. The branded phone was rumored to debut sometime between late 2012 and mid-2013 but Bloomberg now reports the timetable has been pushed back to give HTC "more time to work on other products."

Most recently Facebook launched its new App Center to promote web-based programs that integrate with the company's social network.