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Apple expected to unveil next iPhone at September 12 event

Apple reportedly plans to announce its next-generation iPhone with a taller 4-inch display and a redesigned exterior at an as-yet-unannounced event on Sept. 12.

The well-connected Jim Dalrymple of The Loop issued a simple one-word "Yep" response to iMore's original Monday report which claimed Apple will hold a special event on Wednesday, Sept. 12 to launch the next-generation iPhone. He joins additional reports from iMore, All Things D, and others, all citing anonymous sources.

Apple's next iPhone is expected to feature a slightly taller 4-inch display, marking the first change to the iPhone's screen size since the handset debuted in 2007. As the company is believed to be ramping up production of its next iPhone ahead of a September debut, various parts claimed to be from Apple's next iPhone have leaked online, showing the taller screen, along with a smaller dock connector and a headphone jack moved to the bottom of the device.

Some of the leaked components also show a new space on the rear of the device next to the camera lens and flash. This has been interpreted by some to be a new rear-facing microphone that could improve sound quality for recorded videos.

The back panel of the device also sports a two-tone look, with black at the top and bottom of the device and a lighter shade in the middle where the Apple logo can be found. On the front, the parts show a centered FaceTime camera located above the earpiece, while the home button remains below the display.

Source: iLab Factory

Apple's next iPhone is also expected to add 4G LTE connectivity, which debuted in the new iPad earlier this year. Some reports have also claimed that Apple plans to add a new near-field communications chip that would allow for e-wallet transactions and other services through the new Passbook application in iOS 6.

If the leaks and rumors prove true, Apple is set to unveil on Sept. 12 the first major change to the iPhone design since mid-2010, when the iPhone 4 was launched. Last year's iPhone 4S features an external design largely similar to its predecessor.

In its report about Apple's component stock up for expected fall product launches, All Things D noted its sources have confirmed an earlier rumor from iMore that said Apple is planning on holding a special event on Wednesday, Sept. 12. Sources from The Verge concur, though they also don't know exactly what to expect from the event.

"Apple is currently planning an event for that week," the report said, "and while we haven’t yet confirmed its focus, history suggests it will indeed be the new iPhone. One thing’s for certain, though: Apple is ramping up for a big fall product cycle."

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The first report from iMore claimed the Cupertino-based company would use the event as an opportunity to debut a next-generation iPhone, iPad mini and iPod nano, but nothing has been solidified and Apple has yet to issue an official statement.

All three reports come on the heels of pictures showing an alleged fully-assembled iPhone housing put together from "leaked" parts thought to be sourced from Chinese suppliers.