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New video compares iPhone 4S, 'iPhone 5' parts side-by-side


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A video released on Wednesday combined a number of iPhone 4S parts with allegedly leaked components belonging to the next-generation iPhone, highlighting the supposed changes Apple made in regard to flex cables and screen size.

While the fresh video from repair company SmartPhone Medic doesn't offer much in the way of new information, it does give a close-up look at a few parts allegedly bound for the sixth-generation iPhone.

The video starts with two iPhone 4S display assemblies sitting between two front covers believed to be from the next-generation handset. Clearly seen is the difference in screen size as well as the placement of the device's proximity sensor and camera, which has been switched in relation to the current model. The front-facing camera now sits directly above the speaker while the infrared proximity sensor resides just to the left of the lozenge-shaped hole.

Next up is a quick size comparison with Samsung's Galaxy S III, which can nearly fit the entire front cover of the purported Apple handset within the boundaries of its massive 4.8-inch diagonal display.

Perhaps the most interesting section of the video is the comparison between the flex cables seen on the current iPhone 4S and next-gen iPhone. As pointed out above, one of the main operational iPhone 4S flex cables holds the headphone jack, volume rocker and vibrator switch, while the 'iPhone 5' counterpart eschews the jack and adds on the sleep/wake button control.

As for the charge port flex cables, the most obvious change is the down-sizing of Apple's 30-pin connector to a 9-pin design. Also noted is the new headphone jack placement, which is thought to now reside on the bottom of the handset akin to the iPod touch, and a service antenna.

A final comparison shows the new handset's proximity sensor flex cable will relocate the wake/sleep controls and add a noise-cancellation microphone.

In all, no new components or circuity were found, however it seems that Apple's engineers may have drastically reconfigured the purported next-gen iPhone's internals to make room for a battery that can power a 4-inch screen.

Apple is widely expected to both announce and take pre-orders for the device at a special event on Sept. 12, with the unit rumored to ship in the U.S. on Sept. 21.