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Rumor: Next-gen iPhone accessories with 9-pin dock connector revealed

Three new images published on Tuesday claim to show a variety of accessories made for the next-generation iPhone, offering a look at how the handset's rumored 9-pin dock connector may interface with third-party products.

While the legitimacy of the images from iLounge are somewhat suspect, they appear to be consistent with rumors surrounding Apple's sixth-generation device, including the move to a smaller 9-pin dock connector.

According to the publication's "anonymous tipster," the photos are of actual accessories from Scosche, including charging units, Micro USB-to-"new Apple connector" converter and a questionable case.

It should be noted that even if the purported photos are of actual products and not merely mock-ups, the accessories' designs may be based on rumors and heresay. Accessory makers have been burned in the past by building accessories like cases based on "leaked specs" before Apple officially launches a device, only to find that their intel was wrong.

The alleged Scosche-designed is mostly in line with numerous "leaks" regarding the upcoming handset's design and is pictured holding a current iPhone 4S for sake of comparison, demonstrating the smaller opening for the rumored dock connector as well as larger holes to accommodate the upcoming unit's speaker and microphone arrangement.

Source: iLounge

What is not taken into account, however, is the headphone jack, which previous rumors say will be relocated to the bottom of the device. It appears that there may not be enough space to insert the 3.5mm jack when the case is on the iPhone.

Other photos show dual-device wall and car chargers dubbed “syncABLE Pro" and “reNUE Pro,” respectively. According to the source, both products will come with a Micro USB conversion cable.

Rumored Wall Charger
Rumored Car Charger

A closer inspection of the connectors shows the alleged parts are identical to recent photos of the supposed 9-pin dock connector cable, and a comparison with the Micro USB connector illustrates how small the alleged component will be in relation to the current 30-pin design.

Apple is expected to announce the sixth-generation iPhone on Sept. 12, with a U.S. rollout to follow on Sept. 21.