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iTunes Music Store reportedly live in Russia, Turkey and South Africa [ux2]

Availability of iTunes by country as seen in the iTunes OS X app. | Source: Apple

Just hours after invitations for an expected iTunes media event were sent out to select media outlets on Monday, a number of users in Russia and Turkey are reporting that Apple's online media store is now live in those countries.

Update: iPhone Türkiye has confirmed to AppleInsider that both music and video are available for purchase through the iTunes store in Turkey.

Update 2: It appears that South Africa will also be getting the iTunes Music Store, according to Apple's website, however it is unclear when content will be available.

Reports from Russia and Turkey claim that the iTunes Music Store has gone live for some users, with the news coming a day before Apple will be "holding a musical evening" in Moscow.

While rumors of a Russian iTunes Store have persisted for years, Apple has yet to launch the media marketplace. Turkey is also on the list of countries without iTunes, however identical reports say that the store is now open ahead of an official announcement.

Turkish Apple blog iPhone Türkiye was able to make multiple song purchases from the iTunes app running on a new iPhone 5, including tracks from local musician Sezen Aksu.

iTunes Turkey
iTunes Turkey. | Source: iPhone Türkiye

Russian Twitter user "iMaxim" confirmed that iTunes is available for the iPad as well, though it appears that only the categories "Top Charts," "Genius" and "Purchased" are available at this time.

iTunes Russia
iTunes Russia as seen on Apple's iPad. | Source: iMaxim via Twitter

At the end of 2011, Apple finished rolling out the iTunes Store to all countries in the European Union some eight years after the world's No.1 music store first launched in the U.S.