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'jOBS' biopic to close Sundance Film Festival in January

Iconic Steve Jobs photo (left) and a publicity shot from the upcoming jOBS biopic (right) via The Hollywood Reporter

In an announcement on Monday, the Sundance Film Festival revealed that the jOBS biopic starring Ashton Kutcher will premier on the last day of the event which runs from Jan. 17 to 27, and will take the honor of being the event's closing film.

First spotted by The Verge, the Sundance release noted jOBS will be a "Closing night film," and will chronicle the defining 30 years of Apple cofounder Steve Jobs.

The cast, including Kutcher in the role of Jobs, was spotted filming at the late tech guru's Los Altos home where the first Apple computer was built. Playing opposite Kutcher will be Ahna O'Reilly as Jobs' ex-girlfriend Chris-Ann Brennan, while Josh Gad will take on the role of Steve Wozniak. Other cast members include Matthew Modine as former Apple CEO John Sculley and an unknown actor who as Microsoft founder Bill Gates.