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'Designed by Apple in California' ad ranks poorly in consumer survey


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Apple's latest advertising campaign, touting the company's user-first corporate manifesto, has ranked poorly in a viewer analysis survey.

Of 26 Apple television ads in the last year, consulting firm Ace Metrix Inc. found that the subdued "Designed by Apple in California" spot earned the lowest score, Bloomberg reported on Thursday. Experts speculated that the new campaign could lack the excitement viewers feel when Apple unveils a new product.

The new ad, called "Our Signature," scored 489 on Ace Metrix's system, which is below the industry average of 542. It's also lower than past Apple campaigns that exceeded a score of 700.

Apple has gone for a softer approach in 2013, starting with a pair of ads dubbed "Every Day" that focus on popular features of the iPhone. The first ad, which debuted in April, showcased the iPhone's camera, while a second one launched in May touted its use as a music player.

The new "Designed by Apple in California" ad debuted earlier this month at the annual Worldwide Developers Conference, and began airing on television that same day. Rather than tout a single product, it gives something of a corporate philosophy for Apple, explaining its motives and focusing on the quality of its general product lineup.

The focal point of the new campaign is users interacting with Apple products, rather than talking about the devices themselves. In the first TV spot, a narrator says that Apple's mantra is to make a few great products that touch the lives of users.

"We spend a lot of time on a few great things, until every idea we touch enhances each life it touches," the narrator says. "You may rarely look at it, but you'll always feel it."

"This is our signature, and it means everything."