First high quality unboxing videos of iPhone 5c, rare gold 5s hit the Web

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Just hours after Apple launched sales of the iPhone 5s and 5c at its brick-and-mortar Apple Stores, videos showing the some of the devices' first unboxings have been uploaded to YouTube.

As people line up in front of Apple Stores around the world to get their hands on the company's latest iPhone models, Australia has had units on sale for hours, enough time to get a quick unboxing video shot and uploaded to the Web.

Once again, Ben Pasternak offers one of the first looks at the two devices in two separate clips. The first features what seems to be an rare gold version of the iPhone 5s. Availability of the of the new color is thought to be extremely constrained as reports from those waiting in line have said Apple Stores will only be receiving five to ten units per location.

iPhone 5s:

In the second clip, we see a yellow iPhone 5c complete with Apple's new silicone case. The new iPhones mark the return of first-party cases, which are crafted to fit the devices snugly. The 5c version, seen below, features holes to reveal the colorful plastic shell underneath, while the 5s case is more subdued and made of leather.

iPhone 5c:

Apple is rolling out sales in 11 countries on Friday, opening its doors to customers starting at 8 a.m. local time. Those unwilling to wait in line can order the device via the Online Apple Store, though delivery times in countries such as Australia and the UK started out at 7 to 10 days.


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