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iPhone 5s in-store pickup option returns to Apple's online store

After a brief absence, Apple's retail in-store pickup option for the newly released iPhone 5s has returned to the company's online store.

Though the option has returned, supply of the iPhone 5s appears to remain constrained, with most locations listing the new flagship device as "unavailable for pickup." All online orders for the iPhone 5s are vaguely listed to ship in the month of October, which begins Tuesday.

After the launch weekend for the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, Apple opened up the in-store pickup option a week ago for both devices. Apple's Personal Pickup program allows customers to order their device online and pick it up at their local store, rather than waiting for it to be shipped.

But just a day after the in-store pickup option opened up, Apple removed it for the iPhone 5s, suggesting the company was not able to keep up with demand. Personal Pickup has remained for the mid-range, multi-colored iPhone 5c since last week.

Apple announced last week that it sold 9 million iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c units in the first three days of availability for the new handsets. Availability of the iPhone 5s has been more limited than the iPhone 5c, with constraints allegedly associated with the new Touch ID fingerprint scanner embedded beneath the home button.