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MOGA iPhone game controller outed, features external battery pack

A new, battery-powered "Made for iPhone" game controller from Android accessory maker MOGA was revealed Friday in leaked images on Twitter.

The controller features an angular design and features two thumbsticks, a directional pad, shoulder buttons, a pause button and four function buttons in a collapsible design. Twitter user @evleaks, who revealed the device, said it also packs an auxiliary 1,800 mAh battery.

MOGA's gamepad is expected to work with Apple's dedicated game controller framework which the company unveiled in June at its annual Worlwide Developers Conference. Apple specifically named Logitech —  whose controller was leaked earlier this month —  and MOGA as "key partners."

New MOGA controller

Apple's framework specifies three configurations for game controllers: two form-fitting varieties, in which an iOS device sits inside the controller and is directly attached to the device, and one wireless configuration.

The leaked Logitech controller appears to follow Apple's "standard" form-fitting controller profile, with a directional pad, four function buttons, and two shoulder buttons. The MOGA controller shows signs of using the "extended" profile, adding two additional shoulder buttons and two thumbsticks. Both profiles also specify a dedicated "pause" button.

There is no word on pricing or availability for either controller, though Apple promised in June that the first wave of devices would be "on store shelves later this fall."