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Samsung appeals final judgment in first Apple v. Samsung California trial, drops asserted SEPs from second

As expected, Samsung appealed a California district court's final judgment of the original Apple vs. Samsung patent trial, and a day later dropped declared standard-essential patents from a second upcoming case slated to begin at the end of March.

Samsung last Thursday filed a notice of appeal with the federal circuit less than one day after the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California handed down its final judgment of the 2012's Apple vs. Samsung patent trial.

The Korean company is appealing presiding Judge Lucy Koh's ruling that awarded Apple $929 million as a result of Samsung's infringement of multiple patents.

As noted by FOSS Patent's Florian Mueller, the 2012 Apple vs. Samsung jury trial that originally awarded Apple $1.05 billion, is now ripe for appeal after the conclusion of a November retrial over vacated damages due to juror error and a December appeal from Apple over a denied injunction against 23 Samsung devices.

Apple ultimately won $290 million from the November action, while Judge Koh recently denied the renewed motion for a sales ban of 23 Samsung products. The Cupertino, Calif., company may appeal the injunction decision again if it finds reasonable grounds to do so.

On Monday, Judge Koh ordered a $95.6 million bond be released to Apple as an end to the initial preliminary injunction motion.

Second Apple vs. Samsung California trial

As for the second Apple vs. Samsung California trial, Samsung recently entered a stipulation dismissing three asserted standard-essential patent claims against Apple, paring the company's case down to two claims from two patents.

In the joint filing, Apple also withdraws its claims and counterclaims pertaining to Samsung's now-dropped SEP claims. Apple still has five claims from five patents to assert against Samsung when the second trial begins on Mar. 31.