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Revamped iWork apps for Mac, iOS roll out with Handoff and iCloud Drive support

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Continuing the stream of software updates launched on Thursday tied to the launch of OS X Yosemite, Apple released redesigned iWork for Mac and iOS suites with built-in support for iOS Continuity features and iCloud Drive.

Apple's latest updates to Pages, Numbers and Keynote bring a host of new features promised as part of Apple's Continuity initiative, which brings iOS and OS X integration to the fore.

Handoff, for example, is a tentpole Continuity feature and allows users to switch off between iPad, Mac and iPhone when browsing the Web, writing an email, viewing a map or conducting other operations in compatible software. With iWork, this means users can swap off when creating or editing iOS versions of Pages, Numbers and Keynote projects.

In addition to Handoff, all iWork apps get support for iCloud Drive, Apple's cross-platform file storage and syncing solution. With iCloud Drive, users have access to advanced features like document editing and asset tagging, along with drag-and-drop data management functionality.

The Mac versions of Apple's iWork suite can be downloaded from the Mac App Store, with Pages coming in at 293MB, Numbers at 191MB and Keynote at 408.2MB. iOS versions have also been updated and weigh in at 278MB for Pages, 232.2MB for Numbers and 461MB for Keynote.