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Bank of America customers activate 1.1 million cards on Apple Pay

Apple Pay launch partner Bank of America on Thursday revealed that nearly 800,000 of its customers had signed up for Apple's nascent mobile payments initiative, bringing 1.1 million cards to the service in the last three months.

Those figures represent a small fraction of Bank of America's nearly 60 million customers, but they are encouraging numbers given the relative newness of the platform. The bank revealed the statistics in its quarterly earning statement, though no details regarding Apple Pay transaction volume or active versus registered users were provided.

In addition to being one of Apple's launch partners, Bank of America recently began promoting Apple Pay with a series of television advertisements. Those spots promoted Apple Pay as "the new, easy, secure, smart way to pay with a simple touch."

Apple Pay is already arguably the most successful mobile payment system ever launched for physical goods and services. Despite only being available for real-world purchases to consumers with Apple's latest iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, Apple Pay accounted for 1% of digital payment transactions in November.

Though still officially limited to consumers in the U.S., Apple is working to expand Apple Pay to Europe and Asia, evidenced by Apple Pay-related job listings in both London and Shanghai. The company is also believed to have struck an agreement with China UnionPay, the state-owned card issuer that dominates the market in mainland China.