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Yerba Buena Center getting 'Spring Forward' makeover for Monday's Apple Watch event

Via Ben Bajarain on Twitter

As is its wont, Apple will greet attendees at its first event of 2015 with a customized graphic wrapping around the Yerba Buena Center, a process which began in earnest on Wednesday.

Multiple photos on Twitter show the beginnings of an Apple logo with a multicolored green background, matching the invitations Apple sent out via email last week. Per usual, the Apple logo will be centered on the front face of the structure, just above and to the left of the entrance canopy.

Despite the fact that its media events generally last less than two hours and have fewer than 1,000 people in attendance — the Yerba Buena Center seats just over 700 — Apple goes to great lengths to define and control the atmosphere. That includes custom graphics and, in some cases, the construction of temporary one-off showroom spaces.

Earlier this week, AppleInsider showed exclusive footage of just such a temporary facility being erected behind the Yerba Buena Center. Though smaller than the standalone building constructed outside the Flint Center in September, it appears structurally similar, with white walls and a ceiling of white sheeting and is likely to house another hands-on demonstration area.

The "Spring Forward" event kicks off Monday at 10 a.m. Pacific, 1 p.m. Eastern. AppleInsider will be on hand at the Yerba Buena Center and will provide live coverage as the event unfolds.