MLB At Bat comes to CarPlay, 1Password gets faster launch, numerous bugfixes

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Major League Baseball on Tuesday added CarPlay support to MLB At Bat for the iPhone, while AgileBits released an update to 1Password for iOS, making a large collection of technical improvements.

MLB At Bat for CarPlay

The CarPlay option should appear automatically on the displays of compatible cars or head units when an iPhone with At Bat 8.2 is connected. Being driving-oriented, the CarPlay interface concentrates on streaming game audio, rather than things like videos, updates, or statistics. An At Bat Premium subscription is required for live games, and costs $3 per month or $20 per year.

Other changes in the v8.2 update include the ability to share video highlights directly from the media player, and the addition of GIFs, photos, and embedded Twitter posts to news articles.

The core MLB At Bat app is a free download, and runs on any iOS device with iOS 7.0 or later.

1Password for iOS

The main improvement in the iOS version of the quick login tool is a much faster initial launch time. The password text field should also no longer empty when editing an existing password, however, and better error messages have been added for Wi-Fi sync.

A variety of major bugs have been solved as well, such as a database error when using the Apple Watch app, and crashes linked to Dropbox sync or switching vaults. Likewise, users should now be able to properly disable PIN codes — in the prior release, enabling one would leave it permanently activated.

Smaller resolved issues include missing share sheet options, and the Message Center not keeping messages marked between sessions when using the Mark as Read button.

1Password is free and runs on any iOS 8.x device, but access to some features — such as multiple vaults, and extra data categories — requires a $7 Pro upgrade.