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Apple hiring editing team to curate content for iOS 9's News app

Ahead of iOS 9's debut this fall, Apple is hiring a team of editors to find and curate content for its News aggregation app, according to a new job listing spotted on Apple's website.

Apple is searching for people to "identify and deliver the best in breaking national, global, and local news," the listing first discovered by AppleInsider says. Editors will ultimately be helping to guide the content in the News stream, for instance by managing categories according to expertise, producing newsletters, and coordinating with publishers and newsrooms.

Candidates are expected to have at least a bachelors degrees in Journalism, Communications, or a related field, and five or more years of newsroom experience with a "strong emphasis on mobile news delivery." On top of this Apple is asking that people be familiar with content analytics and using social networking tools.

When Apple announced News during last week's WWDC keynote, it focused primarily on partnerships with major publishers, although it said that "articles can come from anywhere." The job listing suggests that Apple will not only avoid reliance on the majors but heavily curate its news flow, instead of simply pulling from RSS feeds and/or algorithms.

The company appears to be making a general shift towards curated content. In May for instance it made most of its App Store Games category hand-picked. The same approach is being taken with Apple Music, with features like Connect and Beats 1.

iOS 9 will debut sometime this fall. With that update News will replace Newsstand, which currently just gathers together news-related apps and provides functions like background updates.