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Apple Stores begin selling third-party accessories with co-designed 'premium' packaging

Apple Stores are already beginning to sell third-party accessories with packaging co-designed by Apple, giving the company even greater control over the presentation and marketing of products sold in its retail outlets.

Redesigned packages for several Mophie battery packs were spotted at an Apple Store in Japan by Macotakara this week. The boxes match the style used for Apple's own products, with large images and minimalist text against a stark white background. It's unknown how many other companies may have updated boxes on shelves.

On Monday, however, it was reported that Incase, LifeProof, Logi, Sena, Tech21, and others will ultimately be taking part in the initiative, and indeed Apple itself is expected to change some accessory packaging to adapt to the new "premium feel" motif.

Under retail head Angela Ahrendts and chief design officer Jony Ive, Apple has been working to revamp Apple Stores as more fashionable places, mostly with the goal of selling the Apple Watch.

The "premium" philosophy may also see some products disappear from shelves, as Apple is allegedly trying to limit accessories to higher-quality offerings.