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Apple iPad grows share of global tablet market despite declining sales

Apple and its chief rival — Samsung — both saw worldwide tablet shipments decline in the June quarter, although Apple managed to increase iPad marketshare in spite of moving fewer units.

The iPad's share grew from 24.9 to 25.8 percent year-over-year, according to IDC research data published on Monday. The company's shipments fell to just under 10 million.

Apple's marketshare owes partly to a more precipitous drop for Samsung, which slid from about 8 million units to 6 million — dragging its marketshare from 18.2 percent to 15.6. Lenovo's shipments held flat at 2.5 million, and an "others" category was down 22.9 percent to 16.4 million units.

Apple might have controlled more of the market had it not been for two other competitors, Amazon and Huawei. Amazon's Fire tablet shipments jumped 1,208.9 percent to 1.6 million, boosting its share from 0.3 percent to 4. China's Huawei grew units 71 percent to 2.2 million, pushing its share from 2.9 percent to 5.6.

The iPad was Apple's only major product category to grow revenue during the June quarter. This is likely because of the iPad Pro, now the mainstay of its tablet lineup and costing more than any previous iPad. Even the 9.7-inch version starts at $599, $100 more than the iPad Air 2 when it launched in 2014.