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Apple opens blog on third-party Siri integration, highlighting Pinterest, Vogue & more

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In an unusual move, Apple has launched a blog promoting iOS 10's third-party app integration for Siri, initially focusing on the voice assistant's image-related search capabilities.

With Pinterest, people will be able to search for pins fitting specific themes, Apple said. A given command example is "Hey Siri, find men's fashion pins on Pinterest," which should launch iOS straight into Pinterest with "men's" and "fashion" in the search box.

Users of the fashion apps Vogue Runway and Looklive will have access to similar commands. With Looklive, people will be able to name the celebrity and the event they're searching for, and have that content pop up automatically if matching results are found.

A more elaborate implementation is the art filter app Pikazo, which will actually process photos if a user names a recognized subject — such as "my daughter" — and the filter style.

With every third-party app, people will have to mention it by name for Siri commands to work. iOS 10 is currently in beta, but should launch this month alongside new iPhones.

Apple typically avoids marketing blogs. Perhaps the last major example was the pre-release Apple Watch diary by Christy Turlington Burns.