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iPhone upgrade program members have stock available, Apple support call-backs ongoing

Apple has added more stock to the online reservation program for Apple Upgrade Program members, and return calls promised by Apple customer care to resolve ordering issues have started.

Late Monday night, the Apple Upgrade Program webpage was updated, and presented available stock in some locations to purchasers. Stores with stock had nearly every model available, from every carrier, including T-Mobile.

The change was noticed after Apple customer service retuned calls to some disgruntled program members, advising them of the change. AppleInsider has learned that other customers, mostly from the first batch of callers, had orders for the desired model and a second choice manually placed by the representatives over the phone.

While customers were originally told that some travel may be required, that seems to have been walked back somewhat. We have been informed that users will not have to travel more than 15 miles past the preferred Apple store for pickup.

"We haven't been updated yet," an Apple store manager told us regarding the calls, and launch day stock for program members. "We don't know if the orders that started again [on Tuesday] through AppleCare are coming from our reserved launch day stock, or are extras that they'll send that we don't know about yet."

The upgrade process for program members had a rocky start. Problems with the pre-order process resulted in many Apple Upgrade Program participants finding little or no stock available minutes after the pre-orders for the iPhone 7 began on Friday.

AppleInsider also discovered on Friday that retail stores would be reserving some incoming stock for upgrade program members.

On Sunday, Apple modified the Apple Upgrade Program website, directing customers to call Apple support for help with the process. At that time, customers were asked to give support personnel multiple models desired, and were told that they would be contacted within 48 hours with instructions on how to proceed.

A class action suit filed on Monday by upgrade program members claiming to be wronged by the process seeks reimbursement for "all damages sustained as a result of Defendant's wrongdoing, in an amount to be proven at trial," as a result of potential mishandling of the ordering process, as well as applicable attorneys' and experts' fees.