Early case for Apple's 'iPhone 8' may mistake logo cutout for fingerprint sensor

On the left and right are cases for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

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A new case for Apple's yet-to-be-released "iPhone 8" differs from previous leaks, suggesting not just a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, but a bigger-than-expected camera layout.

The case, from an unknown maker, is based on a "recent CAD drawing," according to Dutch site Techtastic. The back includes a circular cutout in the center, and a long vertical one for the camera in the upper-left.

An included paper insert implies that the central cutout is for a Touch ID sensor. More likely though is that in the source schematics, the space is meant for an Apple logo, given similar cutouts on other cases and CAD renders. In shipping products, Touch ID sensors have also been much smaller.

Reports have further suggested that Apple is successfully embedding Touch ID into the "iPhone 8's" 5.8-inch OLED display. The company was at point thought to be considering a rear-mounted sensor, but mainly as a fallback.

The case's camera cutout is unusually tall compared to recent leaks. The insert implies that this is because Apple will separate the flash and microphone from the main ring, but that would also differ from rumors.

Apple is forecast to announce the "iPhone 8" at a September press event. Some other features should include a "virtual" home button, wireless charging, faster cable charging, and 3D facial recognition.