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AppleInsider's official iOS app redesigned from the ground up with support for 3D Touch, podcasts, videos & more

The official AppleInsider app for iPhone and iPad has reached a milestone version 3.0 release, packing in new features such as 3D Touch support, split view and slide over, easy access to our growing video library, and access to the popular AI podcast. And, it's all available for free with ad support, or ad-free with an optional subscription plan priced at just 83 cents per month.

Enhancing the experience you've already come to know and love, the all-new AppleInsider 3.0 app is redesigned from the ground up with exciting new features right at your fingertips. With a streamlined design tailored for all of Apple's mobile device screen sizes and an optional "Pro" subscription, the new AI app is built for the future of iOS.

Key features in AppleInsider version 3.0 include:

  • A cutting-edge design with 3D Touch support and a brand new typeface that makes viewing content a breeze.

  • Use 3D Touch on the AppleInsider app icon to access our new widget with the latest headlines.

  • 3D Touch within the app allows you to peek at articles before opening them, and press more firmly to pop them open for a full view.

  • Take advantage of multitasking split view and slide over on iPad.

  • Be the first to know about breaking news and major announcements with push notifications sent directly to your device as they happen.

  • Access the AI YouTube video library to view product reviews, tutorials and more.

  • Listen to our weekly podcast and keep current with live Apple event coverage.

  • Enjoy an ads-free viewing experience, available to AppleInsider Pro subscribers for $9.99 per year with an auto-renewable, annual subscription.

  • Save articles to your favorites with the AppleInsider Pro subscription.

  • Optimized for both iPhone and iPad, including the iPhone 7 Plus and 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

  • Universal landscape support now available on all devices.

  • Brand-new Apple Watch app with native watchOS support and the ability to directly open a story on your iPhone.

3D Touch and iPad multitasking support

For owners of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 lineup, 3D Touch support includes quick access from the AppleInsider icon to our new widget, which conveniently presents the latest headline from our news coverage. The widget can also be added to the iOS lock screen, Notification Center and home screen search menu, displaying the most recent headline in its smallest form, or four headlines in the widget's optional expanded form.

3D Touch support also means you can also peek and pop on stories themselves when in the app, making navigation a breeze.

If you're on a newer iPad, you can also multitask with the AppleInsider app, quickly browsing headlines with the slide over feature, or running two applications on the screen at the same time in split view.

Much more in store

Upon installing AppleInsider 3.0, users will find the latest story presented prominently at the top of the page, with other recent stories found by scrolling down. Once a story has been opened, users can swipe left and right to quickly jump between the latest news, making it easy to skim and catch up on all things Apple.

In the bottom left of story view is a share sheet option for texting, emailing, tweeting and more, while font controls are offered in the bottom right corner. AppleInsider Pro subscribers can also favorite stories to read later by tapping the icon in the upper right of the story view, and they will sync across devices logged into the same iCloud account.

Back at the main page, a search icon in the upper right corner makes it easy to find what you're looking for. And the app's menu is available in the upper left, offering quick access to reviews, favorites, our price guides and deals, podcast episodes, videos, forums, subscription signup, and sending us a tip.

Subscribe to AppleInsider Pro for an ad-free experience

The all-new AppleInsider app is free for everyone, but if you'd like to enjoy an ad-free experience, users can upgrade to a Pro subscription for just $9.99 per year. This auto-renewing subscription offers readers all of the new features found in the updated app for less than a dollar a month. The affordable subscription will help keep you up-to-date on the latest news, reviews and tips, all without breaking the bank.

Plus, in addition to no ads, Pro users can also select their favorite articles with the tap of a finger for viewing at a later time.

Subscribing is simple. Simply install the updated AppleInsider app, swipe right to open the navigation menu, click on Subscriptions and then Subscribe. Your subscription helps support the hard working team of journalists, podcasters, videographers, developers and more that make AppleInsider a daily must-read.

For AppleInsider subscribers with an existing non-renewing subscription (purchased prior to the release of AppleInsider 3.0), you will continue to have access to all of the features of AppleInsider Pro and your subscription will expire at the end of your subscription term.

We thank you for your continued support of AppleInsider and hope that you appreciate the effort that went into our new, overhauled, free iOS app. Thank you for reading!